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Sock progress. Not happy….

Progress has been made.  I also seem to have a problem with my lens.  I’ll clean it, but there is much to do today so I apologize that you have to suffer thru these rubbish photos for the moment.

I got sock one mostly done, and even though I could see the stranding across the magic loop was pretty bad, I was so close to being done I wanted to see how it would look before I ripped it back.


I have an idea to try and will do so with sock 2.  But over all I like how the words fit the space, I think they are marginally more readable in the more solid blue areas so might consider breaking the yarn and creating a larger block of blue for the words.  Not sure.


I also think I need a bit more solid knitting between the top of the text and the ribbing.

I think the Fish Lip Kiss heel is fab in the way it fits and the ease of knitting it.  It LOOKS a bit funny not on but oh my does it hug my heel beautifully.


And therein lies the problem  – DS’s foot is at least 3 sizes bigger than mine.  I used the cardboard template that I created while he was here to size the sock.  Yet it fits ME perfectly so HAS to be too small for him, right?  I mean there is ease and then there is EASE.  It might be there is nothing for it but to wait for him to be here so I can see it on.  Which means putting it away for now.


I may have a go at the duplicate stitch part before I frog it. Might as well….