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Lilac and Green big dotty numbers for Project Life

I like these colours, very Easter Eggy.  They work, obviously, for PL but would also make a cute card topper with some additions.  Mounted on a card blank, with a child’s name, added, or on a small folded card as an Easter table place setting… I said this on a comment from yesterday, and this morning I decided I might as well make the samples, so you can see what I mean.  I don’t think people look at Project Life cards with an open mind sometimes.  They see PL and that is where it stops.  But I have used the calendar cards to make lots of desk calendars, used them as toppers for cards, used them on layouts.  As a matter of fact, this year DH got a birthday card from DD from this post.  So I’ll urge you to expand your thinking when it comes to PL cards. See what you can come up with!

First, here are the new colourways.

Get the LILAC version here.

Get the GREEN version here.



And here are a couple of simple card samples.  Now, I know these are not award-winning designs.  But that wasn’t the goal.  They are it’s-2:30-and-the-party-is-at-3 cards!


Made from scraps and stuff hanging around my desk.  And gosh that minty green looks very turquoise on my monitor, but it isn’t, trust me.

For the place cards I took the time to do a few things.  First I opened the PDF in Photoshop Elements.  I edited each card to add the name.


When I printed them, I used the printer options to print 2-to-a-page, but printed only ONE image, so they were sized smaller.


And ended up with these:


A truer colour depiction. Remember, this can be done with any printables.  You could easily edit them to add journaling, or even print a picture on the card itself.  What about the place cards with a photo of the person right on the card?  Might also be super cute for a kid’s party!  I may have to have a play with that someday.

So there you go.  One design, four colourways.

Now I am determined to get sorted for WOYWW tomorrow.  It seems like the entire infrastructure of our lives (car, house, the great outdoors around the house, the internet…) is conspiring against us as one thing after another goes to hell in a handbasket.  We are dealing with them one by one, but oh! for an easy life…