Project Life Printables – dotty BIG numbers

A while back I did a set of big fat numbers, for simple PL cards.  Well, this month the Project Life Challenge over on UKS includes prompts for both DOTS and NUMBERS to I decided to expand the concept.  I did two sets, one more girly and one more boyish, both in fairly spring-like tones.  I considered doing a greenish version and perhaps a lilac one, but I’ll wait to see how well received they are.


That shows the font and the colours, but both sets include 1 to 10 .

I had run out of the good quality paper I used for printing samples, but a recent delivery lets me show you how they print on MY printer.  The yellow is more buttery and the blue paler and softer IRL.



Grab the BLUE set here.

Grab the PINK set here.

Pop over to UKS to see the Challenges.