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St. Patrick’s Day PL printables

Just something I have been playing around with.  Maybe you will find one of them useful.

The first set has something called a Celtic Shamrock but it bugged me that it only had three leaves.  Shamrock’s,  I thought, had four! Apparently that is an Americanization.  Shamrocks, it seems, have three leaves. Clover, no matter how many leaves if has, is a different plant.  I’ll refer you to this post for an interesting discussion, rather than try to paraphrase it and get it wrong.  But the point is, I AM American, and I have always associated the four leafed symbol with St. Patrick’s day.  Hence my dilemma when designing.  What?  You think I just sit down and whip something up without doing a LITTLE research?  Na.

So here you have three different versions.  One is the Celtic Shamrock, which is a cross between a Celtic knot and a shamrock (the three-leafed variety).  One is a four-leafed version of the knot, in two-tone greens. One is with the four-leafed clover, as I remember it.



Busy week, so not much progress on my socks, except to say that I’ve now tried both the STH and FLK heel and can’t decide which I like better.  Either frog the STH and begin again with the FLK then go on and do the dreaded 2nd sock OR carry on with the STH for the 2nd sock (damn.  No way to avoid the 2nd sock completely… {wink})

dithering, waffling, and wallowing in indecision.  That’s me in a nutshell.  Maybe I’ll just cast on a whole new pair that I can do 2-at-a-time, or finish up the one 2nd sock I already have half way done.