A lifeline


I was a little wary of starting the heel on my socks, never having done the STH before.  I wanted to put in a lifeline, so that if I hated it, or it didn’t fit right, I could rip it back to just before the heel without worrying about going too far.  I was going to use dental floss, as I had heard that was a good thing for lifelines, but then I kept reading how it maybe wasn’t so good.  So I decided to use some cord that I had.  It was till thin and smooth but not floss, so I thought it would work.

Checking the right place to  thread the cord thru, so I could pick up the stitches without having them twisted,  I saw this little video for a neat trick to add a lifeline without having to thread it thru with a needle.  Hey PRESTO!  So easy



All you have to do is thread the thin whatever thru the hole in your interchangeable needles and knit as normal.  2lifeline

You have to be a little careful to ensure the cord stays in place as you pull thru, but….


And best of all you can do both socks if you are doing 2 at a time magic loop.  I didn’t snap photos of it but I’ll annotate this one from yesterday to show you what I mean:


Jeez.  That looks like a hot mess, but if you follow the numbers hopefully you will see how it works as you do it.  You are basically knitting around to the middle back, pulling out a bit of extra at the left, then cutting in the middle.  Knotting the cut end and the starting end secures the completed lifeline around the LEFT sock.  Threading the cut end back thru the needle and completing knitting the back of the RIGHT sock then knotting the last two ends secures the lifeline on the RIGHT sock.

In the end it didn’t matter because I always assume I need bigger socks than I do.  The heel turned out fab, the ribbing was great (but the stretchy bind off was too stretchy – first time I’ve had that problem) so I ended up ignoring the lifeline and ripping back to the cask on, knocking off 12 stitches and casting on a much smaller sock that fits.



a couple of little flaws in the colour transitions at the heel (found a project  note on Ravelry for that) and in the ribbing but that was OK as it was all practice and I didn’t mind doing it KNOWING I was going to frog it at that point. The new one fits perfectly and the heel is starting out nicely….


I think you can see the difference in the size! I still want to buy the e-book for the STH but still getting an error.  One more try and if it doesn’t work I’ll either buy it via a proxy or ask someone from the US to gift it to me.  The video is an excellent start but I still think I am messing up on small step.

DHs birthday today.  Lots to do …mexican feast for dinner.  I won’t say what lest he drop by here today.  Short day for DD, skating in the afternoon, so won’t get much done on these today.  but maybe I’ll be to the point I can wear them next week!  Yippee.

2 thoughts on “A lifeline

  1. Hi MaryAnn

    I thought I had been here and commented but then I could of been here thought I left a message then fell asleep, Oh the patience you have for knitting and such beautiful patterns too, it really reminds me of my Mum and all she knitted, I so miss her.

    Hugs Eliza

  2. I love these. Thank You

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