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A chart for the scattered socks

I mentioned that I was quite taken with the scatter pattern in a sweater i saw briefly in a magazine at the checkout.  I can’t help with what magazine it was cause I just don’t recall.  But I did have a look for “scatter sweater” and up popped a free pattern on Ravelry.  It looks like the same one I saw!

I had a look at the chart for the pattern but could not get my head around it.  There are two charts and my eyes struggle to see the pattern in them.  So thinking back to what I did, which was to alternate rows with regular repeats and moving from more of one colour to more of the other, interspersed with full rounds of a colour. I charted, sort of, my version.



I’m trying something new if you click on the image I hope it will download a PDF for you.  If not, clicking here will!

Mine were done in a more random way, with the odd stitch swapped, as my eye told me it needed to be, but the general effect on the chart will turn out a little like this:


You can follow the chart exactly or follow it but just change the odd stitch or two like I did.  Over all the pattern is easy to remember for each round so not at all stressful.  You aren’t carrying a colour over more than four stitches.  I used variegated yarn – while it may look like more than two colours it really is only pink and black.

I do my socks in magic loop.  I don’t like to strand the yarn too far at the sides, when moving from one side of the Magic Loop to the other.  So I just made sure to alternate the colours for the last two and first two stitches at either end for any row that wasn’t a full round in one colour.  I have no idea what it would be like on DPNs.  I tend to keep my stitches pretty spread out on the needles to keep the stranding at the back from getting too tight and I think that would be harder on DPNs.

Hopefully it will be useful to someone. I have to say I love the effect and may have to do it on a sweater at some point to see how it works out.