WOYWW 300 (finally I can join in again!)

Well it’s been a while.  I refuse to bore you AGAIN with the stupid saga of my rubbish internet.  Instead I will show you what I have been doing while offline.  Knitting!


The sheet of paper is for Cats Sweet Tomato Heel.  It’s one I have wanted to try but when I finally got around to trying to buy the e-book I keep getting an error.  It’s all that new EU VAT stuff, I’m sure. But there is a YouTube video so I just watched that, made note, did some screen grabs and created my own little PDF of what are the important bits for me.

I’m doing toe-up socks, and there is no pattern.  Well, the basic one for size, but not for the design. These are learner socks.  I am trying t get to grips with the handed two-colour knitting, and I am making t up as I go along.  While at Hobbycraft with DD,  I sat by the checkout flicking thru a mag.  I saw a pattern for a sweater – sorry, not a pattern but a photo, saying there was a pattern – with a scattered design.  This is my attempt.   A closer look:


Unfortunately they are a little loose, I think.  I have LONG feet but they are fairly thin, so I always struggle to get then to fit perfectly.


Being that I am using them to learn a few things I went with slightly coarser yarn and slightly larger needles.   They will have the Sweet Tomato Heel, probably in colour wedges, I think, and a two-colour ribbing.  A lot in one sock.

I want to practice a bit as my friend and I went to a small yarn show and I got a couple of hanks that I like


Funky! The other big project is a sweater.  Also a learning tool, the lace chart for the yoke.  Ugh.  Hate charts like I hate spreadsheets.


The two sleeves are on a VERY long circular.  They will be knit to the length of the purple on the body then finished off in the grey to match the block at the bottom edge.

A few printables will be dribbling out and I need to now start thinking about the ATCs for WOYWW 6th anniversary, so it’ll be a real mixed bag for me in the coming weeks.  Just how I like it!

Looking forward to catching up and seeing what everyone is doing.