Back online and something new

I have a few things that I’ve been playing around with while I was offline.  I thought I would add one today as I ease back into blogging.  A printable, not too complex. but with a font I am really fond of.  Just basic filler cards, colourful, with simple bits of text.  Lots of room to add embellishments of maybe even a bit of journaling on a label, or even a small (very small!) photo.  One thing I do miss about getting photos printed is the little index prints.  I used those small inch-size images all the time.  Something that sort of size would work on these.

Single page PDF and hopefully a mix of boyish and girlish colours.  I often think, when I am designing, that I should always do two pages.  So all of one set boy and generic colours (blues, greens, oranges yellows) and the other more girlish ones (pinks, purples, apricot, celery) rather than a mix on one sheet.  What do you think?


Just to update on the whole internet thing – BT stopped fibbing about replacing the cable and acknowledged that the work was “too expensive” for the sake of one person (me). They did something that made it better (personally I think they swapped MY lines with someone else who wasn’t going to complain and not let up about it, like I was doing) and while I am still getting 1000s of errors showing in my router stats, I am not dropping every 5 minutes, or even every night/every time it rains like it was before they totally broke it.  And it only took 5 engineer visits, a solid 15 hours of working time for them (not to mention  the waiting around time and weeks of lost productivity for me) to sort it.  The speed is less than my router is telling me I am getting but it better than it was.