Final French printables – the ones that started it all


The circle calendar set is the one Opsite loved and the ones that sparked us working together to convert my English language printables to French ones for her followers.  We’ve gone back and forth, and worked through a few versions, to finally arrive at these.  She has approved them so I can now add them for download.


Three pages, four months per page, 3×4 portrait style filler cards.  Grab them HERE

I thought it might be interesting to my English-only readers to see the translations of the French quotes that surround the day blocks.  I found them charming and an insight into another culture. Some, like our April showers bring May flowers or March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb are similar, but some just don’t resonate at all, like Do not whine if there are thunderstorms in July because if there weren’t any that month, there would be war and famine. 


Les douze jours qui vont de Noël aux Rois, donnent le temps des douze mois. 

The twelve days that goes from Christmas day to the day of the three Wise Men give an idea of the weather for the twelve next months. (In France we celebrate on January 6, that is called Epiphanie, the arrival of the three Wise Men and the presents they gave to Jesus. From that day and the rest of January we sometimes eat some sort of a cake with a porcelain object hidden within. The one who find the object is the king of the day and gets to wear a golden paper crown. Needless to say that it is mostly children who tend to find the object in their cake…)


Février n’est jamais si dur et si méchant qu’il ne nous fasse don de sept jours de printemps.

February is never that hard and tough that it won’t give us seven days of spring.


Soit au début, soit à la fin, Mars nous montre son venin

Either in its beginning or in its end, March shows us its venom.


Lorsqu’arrive la Saint-Valérien, l’arbre bourgeonne et les fruits ne sont plus loin

When Saint-Valérien day comes, trees are in buds and fruits are coming.


Mai frileux: an langoureux. Mai fleuri: an réjoui. Mai venteux: an douteux.

Chilly May : lazy year. Blooming May : happy year. Windy May : anxious year.


Pluie de Saint-Jean noie les noisettes, mais beau temps de Saint-Pierre les rachète

Saint-Jean day’s rain clean the nuts but sun on Saint-Pierre day buy them back.


Ne vous plaignez pas s’il tonne en juillet ; car en ce mois s’il ne tonnait, guerre et famine il y aurait.

Do not whine if there are thunderstorm in July because if there weren’t any that month, there would be war and famine.


Ce que le mois d’Août ne mûrira pas, ce n’est pas Septembre qui le fera.

What August won’t ripe, September won’t ripe it either …


Quand tu entends la grive chanter, cherche la maison pour t’abriter ou du bois pour te chauffer.

When you hear the thrush sing, look for a house to find shelter or for wood to warm you up


En octobre, il faut que l’homme vite s’habille quand le mûrier se déshabille.

In October, you must get dressed fast when the blackberries tree shed its leaves.


Autant d’heures de soleil à la Toussaint, Autant de semaines à souffler dans tes mains.

You will spend as many weeks to blow in your hands as there are sunny hours on Toussaint day. (As I mentioned before, we celebrate a different saint every days. However, November 2d, that is Toussaint day, is the day we celebrate all the saints at once so that the one that did not made it to the calendar can be celebrated as well. It is a Holliday and a day off for everyone. And apparently you don’t want it to be a sunny day otherwise you will have a pretty cold winter)


En décembre, pour que l’année aille comme il se doit, il convient que les champs s’enneigent par deux fois.

In December, if you want the next year to be nice, it is better that the fields get covered in snow twice.

BT Openreach has said they have not found enough evidence to justify the extensive work involved in replacing the cable but they have done SOMETHING to the line,  a D-side cable replacement that seems to have stabalized the line (not dropping every 5 minutes) and brought the speed back up to a reasonable level.  My router is still showing a lot or errors but so far, touch wood, so good. That MAY mean you see a bit more of me on my blog.  This may be three days in a row, so we shall see….

2 thoughts on “Final French printables – the ones that started it all

  1. What a wonderful calendar, love it ! merci beaucoup

  2. Merci beaucoup! It’s very nice of you to do it in french.

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