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Valentines Printables

I am a little late getting my printables up for the UKS Project Life Challenge but finally, here they are.  The filler cards have song lyrics, and I think they could be used for anything from a partner to a child, your new phone, a fabulous bag or pair of shoes… 😀 The plain heart ones could work as journaling cards. You might even be able to add a heart punched photo, if that is your thing, to the one big one. Grab the sheet here.



Not designed to fit any punch in particular, the sheet has the heart as a shape you can use for a template. Because I am unsure if the A4 sized PDF will print on a US letter sized sheet of paper with the printer enforced margins, the template heart is snugged RIGHT up to the lower card. Usually I can place 5 cards on an A4 sheet so that printing on US letter paper will fit a 10.5 inch length – it is pretty close but I figure even if the tiny tip of the heart gets left off when printing you can still match it close enough. I do try to make things work for both A4 and US letter, and would ALWAYS appreciate a comment to let me know when they don’t, so I can adjust.