New printables, by request

I’ve been told there is experimentation and testing being done on my line, to assess what need to be done, and how cost-effective it is for BT to actually do it.  I am not holding out much hope, but I do have to spare a thought for those people living in a rural location who don’t have a business connection.  If it were just ME, talking to my bog standard ISP, Talk Talk, Plusnet, whatever, I am pretty sure that I would have been told, “live with it or move” but they are still looking at things.

I have seen a comment on some Back To School printables I did, asking for a full sheet of library cards. I had done a set a long time ago, that weren’t blank, but had a book title filled in, and a slightly different arrangement of the details, and I used them as a basis for these.  Combining a bit of both, there is a page of the Borrower-type cards and one of the catalog-type cards.  To my eye the Borrower ones look silly in the landscape orientation.  And the generic book title works, but I have also added a sheet with blank (except the word TITLE) catalog cards as well.

Sorry for the small image but it is fast to upload while I’m connected!


The three-page PDF can be downloaded here!

I have sent the completed French calendar printables to Opsite for approval and will hope to be able to add them soon!