Not normal service…yet

I am losing the will to fight on, frankly.  BT claims they have replaced the faulty cable, but my line is still not good.  I have ordered a new router that gives me greater control over the line (due to arrive today)and have yet another engineer to be booked next week.  My ISP says the line is still showing  fault when tested, but needed the weekend to collect more data.  ARGH.  The slower speed is a pain, but the dropping connection more of an issue.

It’s just been too hard to try to upload anything large and all I have at the moment are large files.  I am going to try the smaller of the two cause I feel really bad that no sooner had I started the collaboration with Opsite than all this technical stuff got in the way.  I figure I’ll just let it run in the background and hopefully it will still upload even if the line drops and reconnects 20 times while it’s happening.

This is the French version of the Endless Summer printables. You can download the single page PDF here


I have received the quotes from Opsite for the French version of the calendar so will work on that offline, and still have the French Spring Fling set to upload.  It’s a lot bigger so will take longer.

Don’t give up on me!  I’m still here….