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I’ve not fallen off the face of the earth…

…I am just waiting, three weeks later, for BT to sort out the faulty underground cable that provides me with internet access. At the moment I am on an alternative solution but it’s slow and unreliable.  I am spending my online time sorting out things on UKScrappers, which is my priority, rather than my blog.

I do have another printable, created with the translation assistance from Opsite that I will add.  I am so sorry the issues I am having have caused such a delay in sharing these, but uploading large PDFs is a huge issue with a rubbish connection! Let’s see if I can make it happen before I drop offline AGAIN.

The PDF can be downloaded here! I still have another couple of these to add and a BIG calendar project that will take some time to sort out, but we’ll get there eventually, BT allowing…