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Another French Project Life freebie – and more about the project

Let me start by adding the bio for my French scrapbooking online friend.  Her site is worth a visit for you scrapbookers because of the lovely layouts!  Tick the TRANSLATE button (I love that feature!) if you don’ speak French and the photos aren’t enough for you.

My name is Estelle, I am from Paris, I am 36 years old, I have 2 children and my alias is Opsite. I have been doing scrapbooking for over 10 years.

Since I was a child, I always have loved working with my hands. I have been doing sewing, crochet, knitting, watercolor, windows coloring so on and so forth.. However, scrapbooking is my favorite activity since I find it very complete. You pretty much have to be a Jack of all trades to do it and scrapbooking involves all the activities I mentioned above.

I like scrapbooking in all its shape: layout, card, mini-album, Project Life, you name it…

My style is “Clean and Simple”, I like to play with ink, stamps, materials and embellishments but I always try to not put too much of it. It is a real passion of mine, I have collaboration with European Brands.

What I like the most about scrapbooking is it gets your creative juices flowing, keeps your mind out of your daily problems and gives you the satisfaction of finishing a project.

Scrapbooking also allowed me to meet wonderful people and not only in France, Mary Anne is one wonderful example.

I echo Estelle’s feelings, and I think a lot of scrappers do – no matter how often I stray into other sorts of crafting, I always come back to scrapbooking in one form or another.  It really is the craft I love best.

Today I am adding the most troublesome of the printables.  The translations, if you saw yesterday’s post, were the trickiest.  The nuance of the word choice, picking the right way out of many ways to say similar things, had us going back and forth for all of the day.  But here is an image of it and the PDF is here!


I still have the trickiest set to do, the circular calendar ones, then it will be back to English.

I am awaiting another BT appointment to sort out my internet problems so just be warned – I might disappear for days, but like a bad penny, will eventually turn up again….so freakin’ typical … I had been connected for, oh, like 3 hours, and as soon as I tried to upload the PDFs to add to this post, I lost my connection.  {sigh}