So you had a bad day Printables – by request


I am always interested in what my visitors are interested in when it comes to printables.  And when someone takes the time to get in touch, asking about a specific topic they are struggling to find, I like to at least have a go. Last week I got this, via email:

I love your page. I just found it a couple of months ago. I have a strange request for journal page…well I guess two request. One if for sayings for when you’re sick and the other is for when you’re having a bad day. Not every days is wonderful and sometimes it just downright sucks. I’m pretty honest in my journal. Like how getting sick with the flu New Year’s Eve SUCKED!! 

Whatever you come up with would be cool.

I had to look back.  The closest I came to a “bad day” sort of printable was this set, from ages ago. Not really fitting the bill, but generic enough they COULD be used for both a minor illness and a bad day or bad event.

I had a bit of a think and came up with this set for her.


The font is called Character Cats – I’ve had it for a while, have no idea where I originally got it from, but found it for download here. I did quite a bit of post-processing it to turn the scribbled line-only glyphs into faces, as well as changing all the little smiles to frowns.  I didn’t want them to be overwhelmingly  sad-looking, so they walk the line between sort of cute and sort of sad.  I know there are two distinct camps.  There are those who, like the requestor, prefer that their albums and journals are a true depiction of life, good and bad.  And there are those who think life is too short to focus on the negative, so their albums are all about the happy times.  Getting something that works at least a bit for both is HARD.  I have some ideas for a “sick day” version, but it seems trickier to me.  We’ll see.

Now, given that this request mentioned her “journal” rather than her album, it occurred to me that these might be useful in the 1/2 size I do sometimes, for using in a Smash book, a filofax style journal, or an art journal, it if is more collage than paint and ink.  So I went ahead and converted the PDF to that size as well.

The 3×4 Project Life PDF sheet is here

The 1/2 size (about 2 1/4 x 3 inch), 10 card sheet is here.

Have fun with them?


hope they are useful?  Oh dear.

Hope you never need to use them!


12 thoughts on “So you had a bad day Printables – by request

  1. Hi there ,I found your character cats bad day printable page today and really love it! I downloaded the file, but would like to print each image separately. Is it possible to get each one as a separate file?
    Thanks for reading this,

    • Not really. If you want to print just one of the cards you can copy the area in Photoshop and then paste it into a new file, but it’s probably easier to print all of them and then just use the one you want and keep the rest for another time.



  2. Thank you so much for the “Having a Bad Day Journaling Cards”. I was initially drawn to the cards because they featured kitty cat faces and that just so happens to be what I collect. Thanks to you these cards are so much more functional than “pretty faces” as they very successfully convey a variety of emotions to match numerous scenarios that I think most of us experience on a fairly regular basis (I know I do). Also, thanks to you: they are in a user friendly format to print out and use without being too big or using too much printer ink. Thanks again, Susie

  3. Love these! Thank you for sharing!

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  5. what a good idea : bad days are also a part of our life !… thanks a lot for sharing !

  6. Well, I think these are WONDERFUL! The people who do not take stock of their cloudy days, really need to take heed of the fourth one.

    My son broke his arm on our 16th wedding anniversary. I still have the postit note on my fridge my hubby left me that morning, before our plans changed. These things are remembered easily remember in a new context given time. I hope you set helps people learn that.

    Thanks again for all you do.

  7. Thank you. Love your printables. Just printed this one – perfect for my project life entry about falling on the ice Jan 3. Vivian

    • Oh dear. You see, I made them but really hoped people wouldn’t HAVE to use them 🙂

      Hope you are OK and not too badly hurt. Ice is HARD. Every day. 😦


  8. I needed the having a bad day…not a bad life one just the other day! These are perfect for real life! social media all seems to be about how wonderful everything is or real grouches…some days I just feel blehhh and need a motive like these! Thanks

  9. These are lovely! They MUST make a bad day better. Thank you!

  10. Love them – very cute. And not too negative at all.

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