Having a bit of a play with Project Life in A4 (NOT printables)

I know I’ve been a bit MIA recently.  I’m working on a project at the request of DD and it is taking me quite a bit of dedicated time.  Not ready to share it just yet.

I am hoping to do PL printables for a set of Challenges on UKScrappers – a follow-on from last year’s Team Project Life – and thought I really should play around with it a bit.  So that is how I have been spending my time.  But I have been playing with my own take, using A4 sheets and digitally.  Yeah, yeah, I know it rather defeats the purpose of PL, the fast and easy print/cut/slip-in/done bit, but I’m betting this is probably not going to be something I will manage to follow thru on, no matter how much it appeals.  It requires the purchase of too many new things and I already have too much stuff, my craft room is BURSTING at the seams so realistically the only PL style I should even seriously consider is the one where you use all the sizes and template layouts, but build it all on a 12 x 12 page by sticking rather than slipping.  At least that way I don’t have to buy anything new.

I make a LOT of printables, and they get downloaded and pinned 100s of times, but I rarely get to see them in use.  That troubles me – do people like the look of them but struggle to find a way to use them? Are they not designed (especially colourwise) to work with other printables and with the commercial cards?  Is it that they are FREE and people just warehouse them in case they might want to use them in the future, JUST because they are free?

I thought even making a couple of pages might teach me something about the process.  And that might help my designing. So I did.  I created my own “templates” with non-standard sized blocks, although with the same proportions, and played around with some December photos, mostly grabbed from family FB pages.  I used my own printables for the journaling blocks and filler cards.  Overall, I didn’t struggle to make them work together, although because I designed them and had the layered files on hand I was able to change the colour for the one I wanted to use which wasn’t in the colour I needed (the maroon with arrow)




It was interesting.  I’ve played with digital scrapbooking before but never seriously considered doing it.  I like printed albums.  What I like about the A4 size is that it is standard.  You can print on a standard home printer with no hassle, and commercial printing doesn’t cost the earth. Using the pages for a Photobox photobook would be easy, I think.  Two pages a month is only 24 pages and that is a completely reasonable size for a photobook.  Likewise, self-binding with the BIA is easy and making a custom cover would add the handmade element….

I am tempted, to be honest.  Take the time, create the base templates, then I can re-size the photos to fit. I could print them and bind them for a year-book at the end, and best of all, can do as many copies as needed.  The question is IS IT WORTH IT?  Will it hold my interest where every other attempt at PL (never the “official” version – again too much stuff to buy more specialty stuff) never has?  I honestly can’t make that judgement.  But I might try, the first week of next month, making some January pages. See what happens.  See if I enjoy it or dread it for March LOL!  And mostly, I’ll be interested to see how it informs my designing.  Already I ask if a B&W version should always be an option to accompany the colour version – that way, for printed PL stuff you could easily customize the printables by printing them on your own patterned paper.  Or on white cardstock and tarting them up with ink and stamps. Also, should making them available as .pngs ALWAYS be a good choice?  Now I have the corners rounded so they are a very close match to the “official” PL cards, is that both do-able and appreciated?

Full of questions, me.  {wink}