WOYWW 292 – First of 2015


Happy WOYWW 2015!  Wow indeed.


The year may have changed but the desk, more of the same.  Still a mess, strewn with projects and presents.  And some oddball items for sure.  The oddest has to be to the side of my desk.  I watched the BBC production of Mapp & Lucia.  I had read the books, gosh, in the 80s probably, and watched the previous production with Prunella Scales and was prepared not to like the new one, but I did.  Funnily enough I had found a couple of audio tape sets while cleaning a few months back and one was Queen Lucia.


Before I could listen to it…I had to find one of these!


It takes up my whole side table!  But I am enjoying it.  Also on my desk, under the tape sets,  are a few books – one a gift, one I bought for myself, and The Travelling Font Salesman from yesterday you can just about see buried at the bottom there


I had seen this on YouTube and just had to get the book – the illustrations are simply fab. And isn’t Christopher Walken’s  voice just perfect for this?  The Three Little Pigs (also on You Tube)? Not so much.

I scanned the centre spread, tidied up the seam, and printed it onto tee-shirt transfer paper to make a shirt for DSs girlfriend.  The Raven is her favourite piece of poetry.  A girl after my own heart.


Hope you all had a fab holiday season, however you celebrate it, and best wishes to all for a fabulous 2015.  Happy, Happy WOYWW…oooh when IS the WOYWW crop this year?  {wink}




25 thoughts on “WOYWW 292 – First of 2015

  1. Wow lots of interesting things to find on your desk. I was also reading your post above about PL. I did the official version for 2014 but won’t buy anymore stuff but will make my own up using my digital images. Must say though I really enjoyed PL and decided to continue. While I like the look of all the nice matching sets it becomes a bit uniform for me and I prefer a much more random approach! Hope you are ok, Happy New Year my friend. Take care Zo xx 45

  2. Could you please explain to me how you get such high definition on your embossed cards. I have a texture boutique and an old school red Sizzex. Thanks for any help.

  3. Oh I loved Mapp and Lucia too. I remember the earlier ones too (just, being a teenager meant I was more interested in music etc at that stage!) and really enjoyed this version (I had to laugh at the tape recorder too).

    Thanks for visiting my blog already

    Kyla #13

  4. So pleased to see your post, I have also been absent with all work and no play. Love your choice of books, I have the collage book too and love it.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #76

  5. Gorgeous T-shirt project, sometimes illustrations can really piff up poems! Love your casette player, just before christmas sat in colleagues car and laughed at the fact of only having a casette player ( and a pile of music on casettes!)

  6. I want a t-shirt like that one. I love The Raven and I am hoping still that I will find an EAPoe rubber stamp whilst I am over here. Think I had better send for one through the post to be honest.
    Hugs, Neet 3 xx

  7. I have another book by same author as Collage unleashged..forgot her name, but I have been contemplating getting this book.let us kbnow how you find it.
    Judy #7

  8. Traci Bautista’s book on collage is one of my favorites. It’s got some fabulous open ended techniques, and the lettering style she presents is so much fun to work with for some projects. Happy WOYWW and Blessings! #75

  9. You have some awesome presents! Oh a cassette recorder! Do they still exist? Well obviously as you’ve got one!
    The loom on the left of the photo is that the one you got for your daughter? (Previous blog)
    Have a great week and enjoy your Queen Lucia,

  10. Holy Smokes it’s been a long while since I saw one of those. I don’t even own a cassette any more (i think).
    Also your the only one who requested to swap/get the ATC and I didn’t send any to Julia plus I know we didn’t swap I only swapped 4 this year they where all OOAK too. I have a hard time making multiples. So send me your snail mail I’ll pop it in the post which will hopefully reach it’s destination 🙂
    hugs Nikki 8
    elusionary60 at

  11. Hi MA … again …. I made it back for a proper look….. you do preserve don’t you … even down to looking for a cassette player to listen to it….. we have only just confined our to the bin so I’m almost with you on that one.
    love the Raven transfer….. brilliant.
    janet @16

  12. Wow, a cassette player. I can’t remember when I last saw one of those. I’ve got boxes of cassettes in the loft but nothing to play them on…maybe it’s time to throw them away!
    Hugs Lisax #26

  13. Wow, a cassette player!!! I haven’t had one of those in years, lol! Enjoy!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #33

  14. Amanda Richardson tried so well to put across the ‘mouthful of teeth’ that I couldnt always understand what she was saying. And then I got bored. Hmm. Different strokes!
    I like the way you just copied, tidied and image printed the raven onto a t shirt – that’s a major production reallY!

  15. That tape recorder is way cool! What brand is it? I can´t read it.
    Your Nevermore project turned out just wonderful and I love the video you are right the voice of Christopher Walken is perfect.
    Gabriele 29

  16. My goodness, at first glance I thought that was a giant spider on your desk. Nearly jumped off the couch! LOL
    The books look great and I would love a tshirt like that.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #22

  17. I have tons of tapes I can’t listen to any more cos my tape deck died. great idea for a Tshirt! #61

  18. Hi MA firstly I haven’t actually read your post yet…. It’s too long and too small to read on my phone … Ha ha that’s reference to your comment today …. There’s a reason you cannot keep it brief and please don’t be offended…. You are American …’s not in your nature … But I love it over there and have met some of the nicest people too … It’s just the way it is lol

  19. Sorry if this is twice, first one seemed to disappear. Anyhoo, haven’t seen M & L yet – will have to find it and see. Love the T shirt and like the look of the art book! Happy WOYWW Cindy #44

  20. Blogger is being temperamental and only letting me read the first paragraph of your post! I’ve yet to watch Mapp and Lucia, so much TV to catch up on as I’ve been mostly clearing and creating.

  21. I laughed when I saw your antique ghetto blaster! It’s vintage like me 🙂 We are Mapp and Lucia fans here, with all the books and the first series. So we were expecting to not like this new production, but how wrong we were. Thought Miranda Richardson was fab as Mapp, though I still prefer Geraldine McEwan’s Lucia!
    The tutorial I followed for the make up type bag was from Debbie Shore’s tutorial, it’s very straightforward It’s easy to make all different sizes too.
    Love the Raven transfer, my goth future DiL would have given her eye teeth for that too, lol!
    Have fun in Salisbury, the yarn came from Franklin’s on Fisherton Street. Have you been to Fisherton Mill Gallery? There’s some great artwork in there and a good cafe.
    Hugs, LLJ 18

    PS The crop is May 16th btw xxxx

  22. Happy New Year Mary Anne, and ooh, those illustrations of the Raven are fabulous! Your friend will be so happy to have it on a t-shirt, what a great idea for a gift! Thanks for your visit to my blog… and yes, I know the Japanese binding technique. It’s not fitting for my journals though (you cannot lay the journal flat to work in…) but small (not)books with this binding are fun to make and make great presents… I love all the different shapes one can make with this Japanese binding. Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #40

  23. Now that is a clever gift idea. Let us all know how you find the Collage Unleashed book.
    sandra de @14

  24. I remember the original Mapp and Lucia too, and loved the books as well. I only saw one (and a half) of the new episodes but they were well done I thought. New Year was like my Christmas, spent just with myself, and quiet, but that was fine, was nice (in a way) to get back to work to talk to people!! Helen 9 oh, and May 16th… 🙂

  25. I know it’s been a LONG time since I visited, but was SO glad to see you are still playing along. I really enjoyed the Nevermore transfer you made. It is gorgeous. I have that Collage Unleashed book, got it as a gift last year or maybe two years ago. I’m not into Traci’s art, though, so didn’t care for it.

    I have no number yet, but I’m sure you’ll find Bleubeard and me along the way. Happy WOYWW and Happy New Year, too.

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