WOYWW 292 – First of 2015

Happy WOYWW 2015!  Wow indeed.


The year may have changed but the desk, more of the same.  Still a mess, strewn with projects and presents.  And some oddball items for sure.  The oddest has to be to the side of my desk.  I watched the BBC production of Mapp & Lucia.  I had read the books, gosh, in the 80s probably, and watched the previous production with Prunella Scales and was prepared not to like the new one, but I did.  Funnily enough I had found a couple of audio tape sets while cleaning a few months back and one was Queen Lucia.


Before I could listen to it…I had to find one of these!


It takes up my whole side table!  But I am enjoying it.  Also on my desk, under the tape sets,  are a few books – one a gift, one I bought for myself, and The Travelling Font Salesman from yesterday you can just about see buried at the bottom there


I had seen this on YouTube and just had to get the book – the illustrations are simply fab. And isn’t Christopher Walken’s  voice just perfect for this?  The Three Little Pigs (also on You Tube)? Not so much.

I scanned the centre spread, tidied up the seam, and printed it onto tee-shirt transfer paper to make a shirt for DSs girlfriend.  The Raven is her favourite piece of poetry.  A girl after my own heart.


Hope you all had a fab holiday season, however you celebrate it, and best wishes to all for a fabulous 2015.  Happy, Happy WOYWW…oooh when IS the WOYWW crop this year?  {wink}