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YAY! Scary, but afterthought heel is DONE!

OMG.  What can be more terrifying than CUTTING into your knitting?  OK, well lots of things, but still, it’s pretty scary.  I watched a bazillion videos, but I have to say I love this one:

A lot of what I saw and read talked about knitting in waste yarn, but without DS here to figure out where to out that (the reason I wasn’t doing the normal cuff-to-toe version) doing this version was pretty much my only option.  A tense moment or two when I saw I split a stitch, and another when I found I had collected the wrong leg so I had to knit into the back to untwist them,  but overall it went pretty darn well.  Check out sock one!


Pretty smooth IRL.  And the trick of not pulling the thread on the last two stitches each side?  Not even the HINT of a gap.

Sock two is on the go and tomorrow I will hope to show them inside the feet they were made for.  It almost makes the 100s of rounds of boring knitting worth while.


What did I learn?

  • Changing colours is a pain.  I HATE weaving in ends and will always worry they will work loose
  • I LOVE my super cheap Tiger circular needles.  I would buy them in every size but they only seem to have 3mm and 4mm and the 3mm ones have pretty short cables.  Still, the best £2 needles ever.
  • Make sure to measure and draw DS’s foot before he goes.  Make sure to collect the details of all family feet!
  • I still prefer the knitted Kitchener grafting to the needle version. By a country mile.

Now I have that done, and the last gift, I can get on with a few other things on my to do list. I still have a few WOYWW visits to return and it’s crop this weekend so I better get crackin’