A special 2015 calendar request

It’s a funny thing.  I know WordPress can be a struggle for some people to comment on, but I get so many lovely comments from people who just want to say thanks.  I appreciate that. I do sometimes get request from people, alterations to my designs, and I do try to keep that info in mind for future designs. I do sometimes get less request, more demand-type comments, and have addressed those in the past, with never a thank you follow-up.  Those made me rethink my whole “on-demand” service LOL!  Luckily I like making printables, and I look at requests as challenges.  And when I get a super-nice request that includes a compliment, well, I’m just a sucker for those.

One commenter asked about my Chevron calendar blocks.  She liked them and used them but wanted them bigger for her DDs album.  I thought yeah, no problem, but of ALL the calendars I’ve done, these were the ones that looked the most wonky just scaled up from 3 x 4 to 4 x 6.  The circles that hold the numbers just looked bad.

You can see for MAY, which has a lot of weeks, the DAY name strip needs shifting, the day block needs shifting, the month name has to come up and the background only has to be sized to 4 x 6.  So NOT a simple fix, but not crazy time-consuming for most months.



The middle one was just scaled to 4 x 6, the bottom one had a bit more done to it.  The other issue is of course using A4 paper I can’t get more than two months to a page.  As I always design as best I can to fit BOTH A4 and US letter, that means a 6-page PDF.  Even with the Quartz filter applied it’s still 2 mb – without the filter it was nearly 7 mb!


So anyway, there you go.  The request did make me wonder – are there any OTHER calendars people would want in the larger size?  I routinely make SMALLER versions, so they can be used to make tear-offs, but it just never occurred to me they might like larger ones – so many comments say I like journaling cards more than filler cards – I have too many photos to use up a sleeve with pure filler! so I tend to do almost everything in 3 x 4.  But if there was a need for bigger calendar cards, I can always see how easy it might be to convert them and do it.  So let me know.  And to Annie, I’ve emailed you – my gut feeling was you wanted 4 x 6 and not really 6 x 8 but if it is 6 x 8 you need it can be done much easier as the proportions are the same as the 3 x 4s!