Merry Happy Christmas!


WOYWW 290!  The Christmas Eve edition….

The replacement turkey has been acquired (well done Morrisons!) and  most of the gifts are wrapped, the handmade ones mostly finished. Our little family unit is together under one roof and all is merry and bright. My desk is not a mess, but I left it far too late to snap a decent photo. So I’ll just wish our extended and international WOYWW family a very festive day for tomorrow, however you celebrate it, and even if you don’t!


Long time WOYWW participants will recall my treetop angel, made using a photo of my now 18 YO DD when she was 3.  If you want to read about it you can see it here.  Just for fun I’ll add some other tree-toppers that made me smile –  Those from the USA will remember this guy, right?


The Abominable Snow Monster from the Rankin/Bass stop-motion Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  I watched it every year as a kid.

This angel is an Angel. Let’s hope he doesn’t go all Angelus on Christmas …


Perhaps my favourite of all.  I agree with the comment that if the plane flew around, that would just make it all the better.


Have a wonderful day and the Happiest of Holiday WOYWWs to you all!

21 thoughts on “Merry Happy Christmas!

  1. I do hope you and yours had a lovely time over the last few days. We sure did! I’m loving your tree toppers. Take care. Zo xx 32

  2. What a beautiful tree top angel modeled after your daughter, and the others are such fun, Mary Anne! I saw the post about the Costco turkey, too, and was horrified! I’m so glad to read that you were able to find a replacement! Sadly, this seems to be the way with product integrity everywhere any more. Happy WOYWW to you, very late, and all good wishes for a wonderful new year!! Hugs, Darnell #49

  3. So glad to hear Morrisons saved the day (well, the turkey) and that Christmas sounds good with you. Love all the tree toppers. Hugs for Boxing Day, Chris x

  4. What a fun post! Yes I love all those tree toppers, and your angel is sweet! A blessed Christmas season from way over here in the Philippines! patsy

  5. Love the tree toppers and can even relate to a couple of them. I read your turkey post and feel so sorry for you. Did you find a turkey? Hope so. Merry Christmas! Hope you have a spectacular day! Vickie #46

  6. Why am I not surprised that you have the coolest and most inspired tree decorations? Happy holidays to you and yours and enjoy your Salmonella free turkey (or whatever that other one was sure to have harbored). Judy #44

  7. A very Merry Christmas to you too and thanks for all your ideas through the year,
    Jo x

  8. Ha Ha! having the family together is all that matters to me. Costco should pay you for pain and suffering!
    Merry merry!
    robyn 2

  9. Happy Christmas Eve WOYWW! So glad you got your turkey! Those tree toppers are awesome, do you have them all on the tree or just one per year? The angel from your photo is so precious, and I love the yeti!

    Cazzy #37

  10. Your christmas decoration really made me smile! I love that King Kong chasing Santa, haha! Have some super lovely Christmas days!
    Gabriele 22

  11. I had to laugh at your awesome tree toppers…of course King Kong is best! Does he gave a tiny Fay Wray clutched in his hand??
    I’d just like to say an enormous Thank You for all the fun, great comments, support and understanding of my crafting lunacy throughout the past year. I like the fact that you just get what I’m about 🙂 I’d like to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas, especially now that you have a non Toxic Turkey!!
    Massive hugs,
    LLJ 23 xx

  12. Wooohooo… I LOVE your tree toppers! The monkey with the plane is just awesome! Enjoy Christmas eve with the family – I send you some extra love & light from Holland! Marit woyww #26

  13. Hi Mary Anne, and Happy Christmas to you and yours. Love your fun tree decorations, and have to agree about King Kong. Just went back and read about the turkey- as you say, its a good job you didn’t take their advertising as read, that could have been a disaster. Happy Christmas Eve WOYWW, Love from us both, Shaz #11 xxxx

  14. Great tree toppers! The Angel angel made me smile, but your own little angel is the best. Thank goodness you managed to get over the turkey debacle. I had to read back, of course!

  15. Hi Maryanne what an awful experience but good old Morrisons save the day!
    Love your tree toppers. Have a great Christmas, Angela x 28

  16. Happy Christmas to you and thank you for a facinating blog

  17. Gah, horrified by your turkey experience yesterday…so glad you were able to avert it. And I see that naturally, you don’t cook it traditionally! Of course I love the angel best…how sweet! Happy Christmas dear gal, happy that you are surrounded by your lovelies. Xx

  18. I’ve just read your turkey post – what a disaster! I must say, I never order food online or from door to door sellers, and don’t buy from marker stalls either. I don’t trust them. You know where you are with a supermarket. Fun tree toppers, especially the gorillas! InkyDinkyDoodle #24

  19. I just got back from Morrison, hit them just after they opened at 6. Glad you got your turkey, that would have been a disaster! Love your tree toppers, they are fabulous. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Helen 5 (late, lol as I was getting ready to go shopping!!)

  20. You have some really cute tree toppers. I love the one of your daughter and Angel. #6

  21. What fun Tree toppers and I love the snowman one 🙂 Have a very Merry Christmas Hugs Nikki #4

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