Wristlets – knitting a pattern

I have never really been one to knit a pattern. By that I don’t mean I only makes squares, but that I have only ever do straight stockinette stitch (knit 1 row, purl the reverse) or some form of ribbing, usually K1 P1.  At some point I possibly did garter stitch, or knit every row, but that is it.  I’ve only ever made socks, a sweater for DD, and one cute little baby-sized onesie for my niece.  I can do shaping, I can follow a sock pattern, but it’s all plain old boring knitting. to and fro or round and round.

But then I saw this YouTube video.  I watch a lot of them, on things I have no innate ability for, in the hopes I might work up the courage to give it a go and have it turn out OK.

It helps that this one has the pattern written out, because occasionally she will say I purl one… when it looks to me like she is knitting, or vice versa, but usually I can see what’s happening anyway.  The point is this is a multi-row pattern and I was actually able to follow it and produce something similar.  Bearing in mind a few things – like the fact I had scraps of yarn, so I added the ribbing at the top edge as well as the bottom, and the body is actually two yarns held together, cause I had worsted weight for the ribbing and two baby weight yarns for the middle, and these are for my DD, who has a much smaller hand than I do – I think they turned out OK.


Stretched out you can see the pattern a bit better anyway! OK, so granted this isn’t the most complex pattern, but the experience of knitting it makes me want to have a go at socks with a pattern.  Really, there is nothing that will make you want to venture into something a little more interesting than knitting mindlessly, round and round and round, in a boring solid colour, knit, knit, knit, Afterthought heel socks (so not even the heel-turn to break up the monotony) two at a time on one circular needle, for really big feet. I swear when I get  doe these socks will be the net size of a baby sweater….

Must be love…