WOYWW 289 – family, look away NOW!

Happy nearly Christmas WOYWW!  Just one more to go.

There is much scattered across my desk today – Those damn socks (SUCH boring knitting, for very big feet) and some (hidden) wrist warmers (more on that another day) and a bit of canvas art (more on that tomorrow when I finish it and can take a better photo) and the gift tag remnants from yesterday. Do peek back if you have time – I think the ones I embossed look so adorable, I am totally doing that for the rest of them this year.  If you still need tags, feel free to pop back and grab the printables.


I did think about being more careful to hide stuff, but my hope is the people these gifts are for are way too busy at the moment to waste time looking at my blog.   If not, that I can at least trust them to look away when they see the title.

My desk seems to be a desk of two halves – one side paper and one side yarn.  But they are united in the fact both sides are a mess LOL!

V V excited that DS is coming home on Thursday, and still some wrapping and (sadly) a little shopping still to do, but for the most part pretty happy with where I am.  Of course if the turkey and the ham delivery goes wrong, or a couple of gifts that are listed as “shipped” don’t arrive in time I may be less so. Keeping my fingers crossed and not leaving the house during delivery hours.  Oh, if there really WAS a one-night-only, no need to answer the door, or explain location over a crackling cell phone delivery, in a jolly man in a big red suit….