WOYWW 286 – Knockers!

Hello WOYWWwers.

What is on my desk, and has not been far from my desk for a week is a very special project.  Someone near and dear to me had a double mastectomy a few months back.  She jokingly sent me a link, after seeing knitting appear on my blog. So I made her a pair.


The first ones I made from the pattern at the US site, out of some spare 100% cotton yarn I had lying around – 100% soft cotton, no blends, not mercerized is a must.  The US pattern has a flat back – the light blue one, nearly done, is using the UK pattern from the UK site.  It is different, with a side hole for stuffing, and a concave back.  I’ll send both pairs off and let the recipient tell me which she prefers and then make those in her color choice.  The UK group has an active charity program where women can order (free) knockers.  Check out the slide show of recent ones on the site!  Not all flesh tones and boring, there are some wild ones there – one of the ladies suggested, like the mullet, knockers might be best “business in the front, party in the back!”  I like that. There are KK groups in many countries, if you fancy getting involved.  The UK group is fundraising so if you want to support their charity efforts, and goal to provide free knockers, from one woman to another, do so here. I find my knockers are not acceptable to the UK group because they don’t use their approved pattern, but I won’t let them go to waste!

You can see my little coaster/easel/calendar/post-it not holder thingie from yesterday there at the back and a couple of the tear-off calendars I made by converting some of my PL printables to print smaller.  But I am expecting a yarn order today and will share the colours selection to ask which colour is required and may cast on another knocker.  Then it has to be back to socks for a bit, and then finally maybe some paper play.

Looking forward to some holiday ideas this week on WOYWW – we will do a small Thanksgiving celebration on Saturday, sadly without DS, who has commitments up in Scotland – he is actually getting PAID to do those LoL castings you may have seen me post in previous weeks, and he has a few projects due in the lead up to Christmas break so coming home now is just not possible.  But we’ll Skype, I’m sure and that will have to do.

Happy WOYWW to all and Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it this week, wherever you may be.