Tear off calendars to print

I did make some tear offs this year, but they were pretty standard, boring ones.  I also mentioned how you can change print settings on your printer and convert PL 3×4 calendar cards into sheets you can cut and turn into tear offs.  As I was locating all my calendar stuff while creating the post from yesterday, I thought I might as well just convert the ones I had made, make the PDFs and add them here. This is a little misleading.  The Doily calendars, the Sunday to Saturday and Monday to Sunday versions, are HUGE (nearly 12 MB) if I do more than one complete calendar in the PDF.  So those two are ONE FULL CALENDAR  in each file.  They weigh in at almost 3 MB even so.

2015 Doily Calendar Tear Off – Sunday to Saturday

2015 Doily Calendar Tear Off – Monday to Sunday


These have a double set of lines around them.  You can make them bigger by cutting along the outer frame if you prefer.


Cut to the inner, pale grey line they are about 2 1/4 by just under 3 inches. All the others are this size as well. Cut to the OUTER black line they are just over 2 1/2 x 3 1/4.

For the other two you can change the settings to print just one year by printing just page 1 and page 2.  Printing all six pages will let you create FOUR full calendars.



Once you print and cut you can use any method to make them a tear off that you like.


2015 Funky Frame tear off

2015 Pixel Calendar tear off

I usually either add the glue along the top edge (PVA glue)


or staple them.  I would actually use two staples to keep them from shifting around, especially after a few months have been torn off.



I am making little cards that turn into calendar stands with Post-it notes. Annoyed because I know I have a box FULL of coasters and could I find them? Nope. It’s a basic easel card, mine is 4 x 12 to begin with, which fits my “coaster” (actually a mini book page)


The fact that I couldn’t find my damn coasters actually allowed a little innovation. Hands up if you DON’T have a bajillion loom bands under foot, all day, every day… well, I used one I spied laying on the floor to make a pen holder ring.  I just threaded the loom band on to the twine I was tying thru the holes


Threaded the twine thru and pulled so the loom band  was partway thru the hole before tying it off.


I suspect that the mini-book page (thicker than a coaster) and the pen addition make it a bit too thick to fit comfortably in an envelope, certainly not for mailing


But if you make a …what are they called? box-alope?  or put it in a larger envelope to hand deliver it, you will probably be OK.

If you look back to this post you can see the process so you can make ANY 3×4 calendar card printable (PDF) into a tear off-sized version.

You may not think they are worth the effort, but I think they look SO much nicer than the standard bag o’ tear-offs you can buy… up to you….