One of the first CD calendars, updated


I had a couple of comments on an old CD calendar post, first asking for help to download it, then asking for it to be updated. Obviously the OLD calendar wasn’t going to be very useful LOL! But the point is looking back at my stats, this one was one of the most popular.  I’ve not figured out why, but I have to say it is one of MY fave font combos.   I have learned so many tricks over the years to allow me to convert to the current year with not a ton of effort, so I went ahead and took an hour and did it.  Just the same as the original one, just 2015 version.


I have to say this one, of ALL the ones I ever made, makes me the craziest.  The font creator didn’t space the numbers right, or perhaps was going for a bouncy, funky look (the thing I love about the font, actually) but it defies perfect (or even CLOSE) horizontal alignment.  I just picked one of the longest lines in the middle, and lined everything up based on that, adjusting if something looked badly off to MY eye.

The 6-page PDF (two months per page) can be grabbed here – I’ll keep asking, although not many people do it, please share a link if you use the calendar.  YOUR project might inspire someone else, and I only need so many calendars so I don’t make samples using every one of them! I do know I need to copy over the samples and links for all the 2015 ones I’ve made , and might also delete the old, useless ones from the top menu, and focus more on the calendar projects rather than the printables.  It’s all about the time… I’ve always fancied making one of these by cutting out the CD sized bit, making it a tear-off calendar and adding photos all around the edge.  I might actually do it this year…


10 thoughts on “One of the first CD calendars, updated

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  2. Is it possible for you to do a ‘2016’ version? I love using these for Christmas gifts!

    • I can’t find it now, but I think someone else may have asked for this as well. I have already created them (and a 1/2 size and a 1/4 size version) but haven’t added them. I will do – I just need to find the other comment so I can let that person know – unless it way you… ??? on another post maybe? I will investigate 🙂

      DOH! right above!

  3. Can you please advise me when you will have calendars like this one for 2016? I would greatly appreciate it!!!!

    • I did email you to let you know that I added one yesterday. Not the specific font, but a date-block-at-the-bottom to decorate. Will that one do? Did you get any of my emails?



  4. Just a (hopefully helpful) comment MaryAnn…. you mentioned that you had trouble with the alignment of the numbers because of the font… you probably already do this so please forgive me if I’m trying to teach you to suck eggs, but whenever I do something like a form or something that needs lots of alignment, I create a table and do everything within so that i can merge cells or split them where possible but by being able to use left or right justification, I know I should always achieve perfectly aligned rows and columns. I rarely use just tabs to try and align stuff up. Chances are, it probably won’t somewhere in the project. Of course I’ve learned the hard way, but this was born from being asked to replicate quite a complex ‘tick box’ form when I first started working for the Council and no one else could do it. It was a massive lesson in self discovery and is the way I’ve produced such work ever since. Of course there is always Excel spreadsheets where I’ve seen more men create documents this way, particularly those who had an aversion to word documents and word processing… hope that helps – if not, I do apologise if you already do all of this! However, it might even help someone reading this comment at tge very least!!!

    Paula xx

    • The program I use to create the calendars is a bit quirky but has some useful tools that PSE doesn’t and as my DH will tell you I am RUBBISH at spreadsheet so … 🙂 I’ve never looked at creating tables with it so I don’t even know if it’s possible! But something to experiment with for sure



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  6. Thank you 😀

    IKE in Greece xxxxxxxxxx

  7. You are so good to us! It would have taken me all day …. nope, I am kidding myself, I would have given up in frustration, so it is a bonus to have you be so generous and do it for us. I am going to make some calendars… I can do this!!

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