WOYWW 285 – got it figured out, I think


Hello there WOYWWers! I managed to get the number right this week LOL!

I’m not showing my desk, but my desktop.  I shared a little Scandinavian style box the other day and made mention of the process.  A mate commented that she has no idea what I was talking about so I thought, as I was working on the Project Life printables I mentioned, I would capture the screen so I could explain.

First, this is a file of red and white cross-stitch design from a free to use vector site. Doesn’t look like that, does it?


The program I use delineates a selected object with blue squares surrounding it – 4 or 6 depending on the size. That should give you some idea of how many “objects” make up this vector graphic! Each “stitch” is made up of two objects, grouped to create a stitch.  See what it looks like with all the objects grouped into a single image?


In order to use it in any meaningful way, I edit and group the individual tiny objects into motifs, then resize them. Like so:


It’s a little time-consuming and repetitive but if you pop back tomorrow I should have a sheet of 5 Project Life journaling and/or filler cards ready for download.  They might work for a card topper too, but you’ll have see what you think.


One last bit on the word verification issue:

Right, so yesterday I finished up my return visits and a few new visits, and I didn’t have word verification pop up even once.  So one of two things happened –  EITHER Blogger backed off the aggressive word verification trigger of just a few comments OR it was maybe me typing a wrong number (no matter how careful I was trying to be, it could have happened) that triggered it and this time (10 blogs) I made no mistakes.  I may never know..

ARRGGHH! First blog after Julia’s and it kicked me to Word Verification. I kid you not, 10 tries and it finally posted so now I have to wait 24 hours to comment again with number verification only.  

HA HA! Going back to an old, unsupported browser brought back number verification!  YAY!

And kicked back after a handful of blogs but check this out – on the blog that thwarted me?  Check out the proof!  As you can see it ISN’T ME – I typed in the right numbers and yet….


Clear as a bell, that s 672, no question.  I typed in 672, as you can see.  I didn’t trust myself, it kept kicking me to Word Verification when I was SURE I was typing it right.  So I just did screen grabs of every verification I did… see what I got when I clicked PUBLISH?


I call that UNFAIR.

Once more, have a great WOYWW day!

I have to giggle cause it wasn’t till I was scheduling the post I realized today is MY BIRTHDAY.  DOH!

31 thoughts on “WOYWW 285 – got it figured out, I think

  1. I wrote a comment but don’t think it got published…….

    I love all things Scandinavian. The patterns look great. In your newer posts the font you use for the 2015 calendar looks fun! Even though it sounds as if it was hard to line up the numbers.

    Congrats on being number one this week!

    I’m slowly making my way to visit desks. I knew it wouldn’t be until the weekend that I was able to really get to.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (12)

  2. I love the Scandinavian designs. I looked at your other newer posts and the calendar fonts are great. Although it sounds like it was a total pain to line up the numbers.

    Congrats on being number one this week!!!

    I’m slowly making my way to visit desks. I knew it wouldn’t be until the weekend that I was able to really get to.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (12)

  3. Happy Birthday (though it’s much belated by now!)…..hope you had a great day!
    Those vector sites would have been great in the days when I used to make up my own knitting fair isle patterns on graph would have been a whole lot easier!!
    I’m sorry you’re still having problems with WV, swapping browsers must be a complete pain 😦
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xx

  4. Happy birthday. All that computer stuff plays with my head. I’m sure there are little gremlins hiding in there deciding who to drive crazy next. That coloured stuff at the start of your post is way beyond me I’m afraid. Hope you have better luck with the verification.
    Von #23

  5. Happy Birthday! (How can you forget!!)
    Thank you for your very interesting explanation on how you use those vector images. Clever you!
    I’m sorry you had such a hard time with WV. I’m lucky that i don’t get that sort of thing and if I do occasionally it’s usually a number which is easy, and my computer usually agrees with me when I type in the number.
    Have a lovely week,

  6. Happy happy birthday. Sorry to hear about your frustration, I know it so well. I am currently a WordPress user.

    Pat #65

  7. Happy birthday dear! Hope you had a lovely day!
    I understand your frustration with commenting on blogger! So come on over to my place, i am using wordpress, hehe.
    Gabriele 26

  8. You are TOO funny! Imagine not remembering your Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m glad I came to your blog on the right day! Now, your digital stuff looks WAY too much for me. . .but good for you! I’ll stick to my regular old stamps! LOL! I will look forward to see what your genius can do with this pattern! Lindart #60

  9. Happy Birthday to You….. Happy Birthday to You….. Happy Birthday dear Mary Ann….. Happy Birthday to You!! 29 on a loop? 😉
    I think it stinks… I don’t have word verification or verification of any sort on my blog because I hate them…. so if it is blogger doing this,… its not right being a pain in the derriere because someone uses a different blog system!

  10. Happy Birthday!! Your computer skills amaze me. Keep smiling and creating. I had no idea word verification would lock you out? I had to remove anonymous commenters, because I was being spam a ramma ding donged!! But, I still don’t do the word verification. Keep smiling and creating. Way to go being number 1 on this list!!

  11. It seems Happy Birthday is in order! Hope you have a fab day. Great pics and tutorials as always. Take care Zo xx 50

  12. Hi Mary Ann and Happy Birthday too! Blogger has been giving me a hard time this last week and it’s been driving me mad too! Not word verification that’s been the problem, no, I just haven’t been able to leave comments at all!!! Hate WV though, I’m dyslexic so the squiggly words are a nightmare which I’m sorry to say has me giving up and moving on. I do admire the patience you have for editing the cross-stitch design and the red/white Scandinavian design is beautiful … it’s very popular in winter knitwear here in Scotland. Have a great day – hopefully one that is WF free 🙂 Elizabeth x #46

  13. Hi Mary Anne, Happy, Happy Birthday! Lolled at your rant on W.V.! I would have been sat there yelling at the screen- but it’s right, look, read it! I do admit to moving on if it won’t accept, and I HATE the squiggly word ones. Thought I was number one this week, you must have been posting at the same time as me. Love the explanation of how you edit the images, you have the patience of a saint, m’dear! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #2 xxx

  14. You had to have number one spot it’s only right on your birthday LOL!
    I agree with Maggie and in any case if there is something you don’t like you can always delete it and there are some very clever robots these days.
    Happy crafting, Angela xxxx

  15. Happy Birthday, Mary Anne, I do not see the point of Word Verification at all. All it proves is that you can/can’t type the right combination. It does not make the decision whether you want each individual comment posting on your blog. Approving what comments appear is fare more reliable. Your designs are lovely and well done for that explanation with the screen captures. Have a good week. xx Maggie

  16. You have way more patience than I do. No way could I do the computer pattern! I can’t wait to see the finished product! About word verification. If I try once and it refuses; I’m gone. I will not spend precious time over and over trying to get it to like me!
    Glenda #40

  17. Happy WOYWW, congrats on the No.1 spot – and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That cross stitch pattern is lovely – and well done you for getting motifs out of it. Far too advanced for me at the moment. Ali x #42

  18. OMG, I’m totally at the ‘buy a sheet of paper already’ stage! But you knew that anyway! I complained to Blogger about the WV, I am now convinced that they’re trying to force everyone into having a google account. Will have to examine my platform if I ever get time!
    Happy Birthday to you – will you make Crop? We can have teeny cake?!!!

  19. Bon anniversaire et merci pour tout le partage ! ah l’informatique laisse parfois songeur ! amitiés de France, Nicky

  20. Hap Hap Happy birthday. Sandra @21

  21. Happy Birthday Mary Anne – I’ve started to forget them now too hehehe! You’re so clever with all your pootery magic :o) Annie C #31

  22. Happy birthday from Vienna, you´re so inspiring, keep on posting….

  23. Happy Birthday! The pattern reminds me of Sarah’s jumpers in The Killing.

    Fiona #22

  24. WOW you are almost as bad as me! I went several days past my birthday and was embarrassed when my husband pointed it out to me!! Interesting idea with the pattern. I am clueless using the computer for things like that. I will have to come back tomorrow and check out the printout. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Vickie #17

  25. Congratulations on the birthday – and getting in at no. one!! Have a wonderful day. The pattern idea looks complicated to me (but it doesn’t take too much for that). I’m on Blogger, and never have problems with verification (maybe shouldn’t have said that aloud!) Happy WOYWW birthday, hugs, Chris # 8

  26. Happy Birthday!! Hope you remember to have a lovely day…. Your screen print and instructions leave me baffled… I am not a computer geek, but I love your results so I’ll be sure to check what arises.

    Have a great day. Helen 4

  27. Happy Birthday! I am early, so no number yet. Great to see how you work with your images. I hate varification, If I don’t get it right the first time, I don’t try again.

  28. Happy birthday!

  29. Happy to hear all went well with verification. Now if I could do the same. LOL. So how does one forget her birthday? LOL. From one Scorpio to another celebrate longer. Happy birthday.
    Hugs from the Oregon coast.

  30. Happy Birthday Maryann I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

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