WOYWW 285 – got it figured out, I think

Hello there WOYWWers! I managed to get the number right this week LOL!

I’m not showing my desk, but my desktop.  I shared a little Scandinavian style box the other day and made mention of the process.  A mate commented that she has no idea what I was talking about so I thought, as I was working on the Project Life printables I mentioned, I would capture the screen so I could explain.

First, this is a file of red and white cross-stitch design from a free to use vector site. Doesn’t look like that, does it?


The program I use delineates a selected object with blue squares surrounding it – 4 or 6 depending on the size. That should give you some idea of how many “objects” make up this vector graphic! Each “stitch” is made up of two objects, grouped to create a stitch.  See what it looks like with all the objects grouped into a single image?


In order to use it in any meaningful way, I edit and group the individual tiny objects into motifs, then resize them. Like so:


It’s a little time-consuming and repetitive but if you pop back tomorrow I should have a sheet of 5 Project Life journaling and/or filler cards ready for download.  They might work for a card topper too, but you’ll have see what you think.


One last bit on the word verification issue:

Right, so yesterday I finished up my return visits and a few new visits, and I didn’t have word verification pop up even once.  So one of two things happened –  EITHER Blogger backed off the aggressive word verification trigger of just a few comments OR it was maybe me typing a wrong number (no matter how careful I was trying to be, it could have happened) that triggered it and this time (10 blogs) I made no mistakes.  I may never know..

ARRGGHH! First blog after Julia’s and it kicked me to Word Verification. I kid you not, 10 tries and it finally posted so now I have to wait 24 hours to comment again with number verification only.  

HA HA! Going back to an old, unsupported browser brought back number verification!  YAY!

And kicked back after a handful of blogs but check this out – on the blog that thwarted me?  Check out the proof!  As you can see it ISN’T ME – I typed in the right numbers and yet….


Clear as a bell, that s 672, no question.  I typed in 672, as you can see.  I didn’t trust myself, it kept kicking me to Word Verification when I was SURE I was typing it right.  So I just did screen grabs of every verification I did… see what I got when I clicked PUBLISH?


I call that UNFAIR.

Once more, have a great WOYWW day!

I have to giggle cause it wasn’t till I was scheduling the post I realized today is MY BIRTHDAY.  DOH!