Just a bit of fun – a Christmas place card?


I was playing around with something I got that I thought might be useful for a printable, a Scandinavian-style needlepoint-esque  design.  OMG! each tiny stitch is made up of two crossed lines and each like is an “object” so editing, grouping and resizing the original to get something useful was CRAZY.  I thought I would experiment with another thing I have been considering, a foldable box. This is the result!



That is not to print, it’s just the image so you can see what this PDF contains.  Initially I thought another Advent calendar, using the box with a number on to hold little treats, but I am not sure I would print, cut, and fold 25 of these so I wonder how many of you would either! But After I did make one I thought it could be quite cute as a table place-card.  I added the little rectangles so you can do what I did and label them with stickers or die cut letters or stamps OR you can stick them over printed names and run a sheet of them thru your printer for a quicker way to add a name.

Just cut the template out, noting the score lines you can’t see cause of the pattern


Score and fold and cut the slit for the flap


Then assemble.  Line up the longer inner flap with the opposite edge (it’ll make sense when you do it.  One had to be shorter to fit an A4 sheet) and stick together


If you print it on US letter paper you may miss out one of the end-lines but I don’t have US letter paper to test – if you do, comment and tell me what happens!

It is more stable if you stick the overlapped flaps seen above to the inside of the wrap-around piece



for a final box that will stand up. The place card part can get stuck to the blank area like so:


I thought it made a cute decoration and you can tuck a little treat inside. That blank area on the flap?



If you DID want to make a bunch of them and adapt then into some sort of advent calendar you could add a number there and maybe just pile them all up, higgelty piggelty and make the kids really HUNT for the right number LOL!

I’ll possible eventually get around to a PL style printable using these patterns but I need to decide on the text for them or if they should be just journaling cards, or a mixture of both.

Watch this space.


I can see number verification has returned so it seems it is 24 hours between the shift to Word Verification and a return to number.  I can work with that.  Still one more thing to test …

Oh and another proud Mom moment – DS once again did a live cast of a few NUEL games with a different co-caster.  No ties this time, smart casual, and he did more analysis/colour commentary than play-by-play.




They were both quite good and it was fun to see him doing what he loves.

2 thoughts on “Just a bit of fun – a Christmas place card?

  1. We should all be proud of the accomplishments of our children.

    I took a moment to stroll through your blog, before commenting and spied many wonderful Christmas makes and ideas.

    Thanks for visiting for WOYWW, I am the one that is LATE in returning visits…..LOL Thanks for the lovely comment you left for me.

  2. Wow that is a proud mum moment congrats and ride high.

    Hugs Eliza

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