WOYWW 283 – annoyed


Hello WOYWWers! Noticed the wrong number for WOYWW?  It’s really 284!  Aren’t we all so polite and kind to each other, no one mentioned it 🙂  Silly me….

Lots of stuff all over my desk, no surprises there:


I dragged out my old knitting stitch dictionary to flick thru while awaiting an online “webinar” on the Slow Stitching Movement. THAT was a complete fiasco.  Every single bit of info told me the version of Mac OS I was running was fine and yet when I tried to join the told me my version was too old – AND it downloaded a bit of software to my computer that made it do funny things as well.  I won’t be doing that again. Now we’ll see if my refund comes thru. I also have a pattern for socks I want to try – both the book and the pattern are moving on from plain stockinette stitch but I’ll probably dither a bit more (and finish up the 2nd sock and the pair I am halfway thru first) before casting on


What else?  Ah.  long-time readers may recall I buy a heart-shaped ornament every year for Christmas, in memory of our first son.  This is the one for this year:


And a bit of progress on the little countdown figures from yesterday, but not much:


and finally something that may come to nothing in the end – some chipboard covers and a spine, and dividers, for a mini-book.  I was planning on making one as a Christmas gift then found a published version of what I wanted that was so cool I felt the handmade version wasn’t needed.

So anyway, have a great WOYWW day – I’ve been suffering with a bit of a bad back this week, and my poor car is in the shop and likely to be there for a couple of weeks (loooonnng story) so desk hopping is def. going to be the bright spot in my week!


31 thoughts on “WOYWW 283 – annoyed

  1. Love this years beautiful heart. As a fellow back sufferer I hope that eases for you soon.

    I’ve just read your post above about Blogger. I am seriously considering changing platforms because it is just getting so hard on there. I usually get the mixture of verification – word AND number. Then I am lucky if the comment posts so I sometimes resort to emailing a comment if I have time and the person has the facility. It’s a nightmare. And this is someone who uses Blogger. Grr.

    Carmen x #45

  2. Hello MaryAnne. so sorry to meet you in an annoyed state. Hopefully the rest of your week is brighter.

    Pat #83

  3. Oh dear! A poorly back and a poorly car! Hope they both get sorted soon.
    I love your countdown figures. So cute.
    Thanks for letting me look over your shoulder,
    Have a good week,
    Sorry I’m late but I take my time going through them all. (I enjoy reading all the blogs and look at the photos)

  4. Hi MaryAnne, I haven’t been to your blog for ages (nothing personal, I just haven’t had much time for blogging!). Sorry your back is sore – go easy on the computer-time, eh? You could visit Deb Turtle, who recently posted a lovely Yoga sheet, with exercises to relax and loosen up joints – there are some for stiff backs and shoulders, which I am definitely going to try.

    I love the little Christmas Countdown figures you’re making – very cute. The book covers look interesting – of course, I’d take an interest in those – books are The Thing for me! Maybe you’ll be inspired to make something else with those, after Christmas.
    Knitting socks… I may try socks one day, but knitting was never my favourite craft – I prefer crochet. Still, I admire the results that many clever knitters produce and I’m impressed with anyone who can turn a sock heel!

    Hope you – and the car – are better soon!

  5. Oh Mary Anne, you sound like you need a hug 🙂 hope the car and back improve quickly.
    That’s a beautiful heart ornament fir a very poignant reason….it’s good to remember though.
    Hugs, LLJ 32 xx

  6. Love your tradition of getting a heart for your child who has passed. I think I will do that for my Dad this year, even though he passed in 2001. Thank you! Hope you, your car, your computer, and your wallet are feeling better soon! Lindart #63

  7. Oh dear knitting! Knitting has turned out to not be my friend or it just isn’t the right time for me! LOL! Either way, I certainly have enough other crafty goodness to keep me broke from buying just one more supply and busy up to my ears in glue, lace and paper! LOL! I just joined up at WOYWW for the first time and I am popping over to blogs as fast as my little fingers can type so as to not miss out on all the creative energy and goodness out there on everyone’s desks! I love all of your little projects especially the little countdown figures! Cute, cute, cute! I hope you get the chance to pop by my blog to see my first WOYWW post!
    Hugs from a new follower and sister in art!
    Beth P

  8. Lots going on as usual! I have just bought a tiny circular needle to knit myself some socks (good job I have small feet!) – not done socks before and, as usual, they are on the things to do list so probably wont be done for a while. How lovely you buy a heart each year at Christmas too – sending hugs.

  9. I’m such a knitting dummy – 440 MORE stitches? How many are there altogether?! I would have thought 10 maximum!!
    Hope your back improves quickly x
    Happy Wednesday

  10. How many nice projects going on there. Love this heart ornament!
    Gabriele 28

  11. Hi Mary Anne, hope the back clears up quickly, my DIL has spinal problems, so I know how lowering that can be. Car issues too, it never rains but it pours, eh? Now I know why you were watching internet videos, lol. Have a better week, Hugs, Shaz #20 xx

  12. Urgh to the back and car probs… and is there no end to your talents? Knitting socks now as well as quilts, scrapping, etc etc… I like the heart ornament in memory of your son, makes him part of the family Christmas festivities. Annette #31

  13. I can relate to your computer issue, since I recently had to download Chrome in order to do some transactions on-line. I can’t imagine what it would be like to loose a child, but I’m really sorry. Happy WOYWW and Peace.

  14. Knitting knitting knitting!!! I will never be a knitter I’m afraid. Love the heart ornament and those little crimbo people are a hoot. Sorry to hear about the car (what a pain!) and hope the back settles down. This cooler weather has started off my cough…. that’ll be there until I get to the Canaries in March then…. Have a great Weds, Cindy #42

  15. How horrible to have a bad back and car problems at the same time. I have just printed off a couple new patterns from Ravelry and will be knitting some mittens for the girls for Christmas one that looks like deer and another that are penguins. I love kiddy stuff. Love the heart. I remember with candles each year. Hope you have a great week. Vickie/Okienurse #43

  16. Everything you depend on seems to be letting you down, hope everything is better soon. Love the idea with the hearts and the little cone shaped Father Chstmas’s. Hope you have a nice crafty week, Angela x 39

  17. Sounds like you are having a bit of a week of it but at least you are managing some crafty time. Your heart is very beautiful .
    hugs Lisax #34

  18. I do hope your back feels normal soon and sorry to read about your car, its awful when you dont have one to nip around. Your desk is so interesting, love the little countdown figures. Unfortunately I dont knit but I dont mind, lots of friends do. Tracey R No. 20

  19. Hi Mary Anne – you have had a bit of a week… but the upside is your at home and doing some crafting…love the little countdown figures, what a great idea. Hoping for a great weekend for you, cheers RobynO#30

  20. Sending hugs and hope that things improve quickly.

  21. Sorry to read about the back, car and techno troubles – hope they all resolve really quickly! A lovely busy desk (great countdown idea) and the new heart each Christmas is a wonderful thing to do. Happy WOYWW, Chris # 7

  22. Oh no to both the back and the car…. enjoy your desk hopping! (went shopping again…) I like the count down ornaments. Helen 3

  23. Nothing worse than back issues, I should know! Had a car that used to spend more time in the shop than on the road…poor you! Love the little cone shaped ornaments you have going on your desk.

  24. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Elizabeth Zimmermann, she was one of my favorite knitting authors. She has passed on, but her daughter meg Swanson is keeping the business going. It’s called Schoolhouse Press. They sell yarn and publish books and have a knitting camp every summer.

    • Yep, interestingly I was looking for a copy of an OLD knitting book called Mosaic Knitting and found SHP republished it (I think it was originally 70s era) but that was knowledge gained recently by searching. Expensive tho’ and ships from the USA so no purchase yet – still hoping to find it used cheaper 🙂

      Oh and I am pretty sure the sock pattern I am using for one of my pairs was written by EZ 🙂


  25. Aren’t those count down ornaments are so adorable Happy WOYWW hugs Nikki C no # yet

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