WOYWW 283 – annoyed

Hello WOYWWers! Noticed the wrong number for WOYWW?  It’s really 284!  Aren’t we all so polite and kind to each other, no one mentioned it 🙂  Silly me….

Lots of stuff all over my desk, no surprises there:


I dragged out my old knitting stitch dictionary to flick thru while awaiting an online “webinar” on the Slow Stitching Movement. THAT was a complete fiasco.  Every single bit of info told me the version of Mac OS I was running was fine and yet when I tried to join the told me my version was too old – AND it downloaded a bit of software to my computer that made it do funny things as well.  I won’t be doing that again. Now we’ll see if my refund comes thru. I also have a pattern for socks I want to try – both the book and the pattern are moving on from plain stockinette stitch but I’ll probably dither a bit more (and finish up the 2nd sock and the pair I am halfway thru first) before casting on


What else?  Ah.  long-time readers may recall I buy a heart-shaped ornament every year for Christmas, in memory of our first son.  This is the one for this year:


And a bit of progress on the little countdown figures from yesterday, but not much:


and finally something that may come to nothing in the end – some chipboard covers and a spine, and dividers, for a mini-book.  I was planning on making one as a Christmas gift then found a published version of what I wanted that was so cool I felt the handmade version wasn’t needed.

So anyway, have a great WOYWW day – I’ve been suffering with a bit of a bad back this week, and my poor car is in the shop and likely to be there for a couple of weeks (loooonnng story) so desk hopping is def. going to be the bright spot in my week!