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Thankful printables – three versions

One of my problems with making printables is I can never decide between colours, fonts and patterns.  Usually, before I add one, I have made three or four versions behind the scenes.  I thought you might find it interesting to see the variations.  Sometimes I will add more than one, but usually I just pick the one I like best  or that I think is likely to be the most useful.  S when I sat down to make some Thanksgiving printables, I had these three to choose from:


I like all of them and can’t decide which one I like best!  I’ve added a single page PDF of the above, a sampler, if you will, of the variations, and would be really interested in your thoughts.

First, just cause I’m curious… a poll:

Next, something interesting to note is the huge variation in colour between the ones I printed using matte photo paper and HIGH for the quality (in all cases, the darker versions) and the plain paper standard quality settings.  HUGE.




I would just say keep this in mind for mine or any one else’s printables. The sampler might be a very handy thing, to see you doing what I had to do before I thought of it, and printing the same sheet multiple times.  As a matter of fact, I wonder if adding a test strip to print for my printable sheets would be helpful, so you can print the swatch using different settings and compare.  For me, I really like the very dark blackish-brown of the doodle set, much more that the reddish-brown – but what sort of variations do YOU get when you print?Having thought of it now I have to try to test my theory.  Here is a PDF of just the colour swatches – you should be able to print it in one quality the flip the paper and print in a second quality and fit both on one side – then you can do two more on the back – to see which ones you like best.  Not sure about the paper size variations, but you will surely see enough of them to decide even if a bit gets cut off on US letter, for example.  I am SO curious to know how you get on.  I hope SOMEONE will do it and share the info.  Just FYI, I have a Canon iP4950 printer.  Be sure to say which one you have.