WOYWW 283 – many and varied things, as usual


Happy WOYWW all.

Let’s have a look at my desk first:


So first I have the re-design of my advent envelopes.  Undecided if I will add them as a download, cause I’m just not sure if more than me will like them.


If you look back to yesterday you can see what the plan is.

I also have some woolly things – I bought a ball winder, so I can split a 100g ball of yarn into two centre-pull balls.


You can probably tell that the not-digital scale I have is rubbish for this sort of measurement – don’t misinterpret this, ladies, but my balls are two different sizes.  Oh dear. Although it was really cheap from Amazon, and it SAYS in the instructions you need the skein on a swift, so long as I hold the yarn guide and rest the yarn past it on my finger it winds really well and the resulting ball pulls from the centre with ease.

I need the two balls because I am doing the 2-socks, Magic loop thing, see?


I did mention the other day that adding a loom band kept the loop from pulling flat, but the thing is you have to remember to add it before you cast on! I didn’t, so that white thing is a small plastic bottle, topped and tailed and slit thru the middle. I can slip it over the cable or move it from needle to  needle as I turn my work and it keeps me from losing my loop.  And that zip lock bag trick?  Love that. So long as I grab the top of the bag in my hand with the needles and turn both over at the same time, the yarn stays in line with the sock that is using it.  No tangles. No need for the laundry tub and the gallon sized bag at all. Nice. The plan is to knit till the yarn is all used up then add the afterthought heel in the dark grey once DS in back from uni to try them on.  That is when it could all go horribly wrong, the snipping out a row with scissors. If I watch a bazillion more videos about afterthought heels I reckon I can do it…. oh PLEASE let it work…

I started WOYWW last week with the plan to visit every blog on WOYWW and failed.  It was a bit of a nightmare, the word verification thing.  I am just incapable of seeing one of the two words they always have.  One I can read perfectly fine – the other one takes me AGES to figure out, then my first guess is almost always wrong, so I try again…before you know it, 10 minutes have gone by and I give up in frustration. I am really hoping for better luck this week – especially as quite a few people got back to  me in comments or offline to assure me they don’t have WV running when in fact, they do …or at least they do for me.  I think it’s Google trying to make everyone sign in to be able to comment, especially non-Blogger bloggers, but that’s just me getting my paranoia on I’m sure {wink} I would love to know if you see word verification on Blogger/Blogspot blogs if you are a Google blogger and are logged in. My fervent hope is in the past week it’s all settled down and  it isn’t on every blog. Funny thing is the number one was a bit of a pain but I can ALWAYS read them. Do you have the option?  If so trust me, number is way better for your commenters ….


I’m just sayin…


Have a good one…..

Just to add – typical.  I was able to sail thru comments all day yesterday, and get thru a few this morning, with just the number verification, when all of a sudden every blog had word verification on it ! I even went back to look at a few that I had commented on yesterday to find that THEY now had word verification as well.  I give up.


33 thoughts on “WOYWW 283 – many and varied things, as usual

  1. Hi there. I am SO late visiting this week. Goodness – two socks at the same time??? It’s ages since I knitted socks – but I do often knit two sleeves together if I’m only using one yarn. Much too complicated if I have several balls of wool going on each sleeve!!! I think I am becoming a bear of very little brain in my old age…
    Thanks for visiting and for your comments. Yes – the answer is – we were indeed rushed off our feet cooking and serving! Toasties are becoming very popular as the weather gets colder – but you can only do two at a time in our machine, and they take 2 mins 40 secs each – so you inevitably end up with a list of the things to do. Soup is easier as you just ladle it out!! However, the customers love coming in – and as our reputation grows, they are coming from further afield. One sweet lady I had a chat with this last week had come over to shop in Llandudno from Anglesey – about 25 miles – and sat eating her lunch. She was joined by another couple of folk, who, it turned out, also came from Anglesey. They had a great Welsh language time together, and now each have new friends!!! Amazing what happens when you open your church doors during the week as well as on a Sunday…
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #11

  2. Love the ball winder! After all, life’s just not right without perfect balls….ahem… 😉
    That fabric is either Clarke and Clarke or Prestigious textiles, can’t remember which and I’ve no selvedge details to give me any clues! But I didn’t but it in Fabricland, it’s a curtain weight fabric. Am pretty sure I got it in Marlborough….if you want some, I can always go and have a look for you! It’s £11-12 per metre.
    Hugs, LLJ 25 xx

  3. Hi Mary Anne, great idea to split the yarn into to balls with your lovely red and cream wool winder. I had an identical one back in the days when I was a machine knitter and found the shape of the balls were ideal then … no bouncing all over the place. On the subject of word verification: I’m dyslexic and that means I find WV almost impossible. Like you, I can maybe manage the first of a two word one but the second is nigh impossible – I swear the second is purposely blurred. I have WV turned off, I promise, so if you find it on my blog it’s down to Blogger being difficult, not me! All that said, I hope the rest of the week is WV free for you. Elizabeth x #47

  4. Me again! I left a comment on my own blog and WV didn’t come up and I’ve just asked two friends who commented yesterday and this morning and it didn’t come up for either of them. I have no idea why it is appearing for you, sorry.

    Fiona #61

    • I am 99.9% sure this a a Blogger tactic to force you to log in with Google in some way to be able to comment on blogs without seeing the Word verification. I am guessing the people you asked are Blogger/Blogspot bloggers or blogger who are otherwise logged in to some Google product or another, like Google+. I thing the no-reply thing could be Blogger controlled too but I’ll check and see in my settings if somehow that is not triggered…


  5. Word verification on my blog. Really? I’ve always had it turned off, because I find it a pain on other blogs. It must be some sort of default Blogger change, because I know I didn’t set it. I was going to reply directly to your comment, but apparently you are “no reply” blogger!

    • What is a “no reply” blogger?? I can’t see a way to reply to any comment on your blog – or is reply only allowed for the blogger and not other commenters? Now I wonder about that on mine….can you see REPLY on other people’s comments??

      It’s making me crazy – Blogger seems to trigger these things even if you don’t want them on your blog. Virtually every person seems surprised WV is there and yet so far this morning I have not gone to a single Blogger blog that didn’t have verification on it. At SOME point in the last hour the NUMBER one (far easier to decipher) was replaced by the word one. Maybe by NEXT week it’ll settle down again….


      • Yes, I can see reply on your blog and others. Sorry, I commented again as your reply to my previous comment didn’t show up until after I hit submit!
        As for No Reply bloggers: when somebody comments on my blog, I get an email telling me so. If I then click on that email and they have their own email address enabled I can answer directly back to them. If they don’t, then it comes up as ( and obviously I am unable to answer their question. I have to go back to their blog and reply in the comments, which can make for a disjointed conversation. Some people might then come back to my blog and leave another comment, even though they should be able to directly answer the email notification (assuming everyone gets those?) and others will answer on their own blog as a separate comment or in the way you have done by replying directly to my previous comment. It’s all very confusing!

  6. I don’t like that capcha word verification at all. I guess I have been lucky and not been attacked by a spam machine cause I don’t have it on my blog at all. Like the doing 2 socks at one time. I get one finished and sometimes haven’t started the second at all. I wear socks of two colors sometimes! Have a great week and congrats on making it into the @1 spot this week. Vickie #68

  7. Oops looks like I’m #63

  8. I turned my WV off on my blog but have no way of knowing if it really is off. I love my yarn baller and I have a swift, both gifts from my family but I have yet to master socks let alone both of them at the same time! I have Skill Envy!

    Katie #61

  9. I’m sorry you’re having such an awful time with WV. I was asked to turn mine off when I started WOYWW (which I did) and as far as I know most people have. I hardly ever come across one. I agree they are a pain!
    I follow your blog and I’m particularly interested in your knitting adventure. The ‘trick’ with the ziplock bag was new to me and a terrific idea I thought!
    Thank you for letting me look over your shoulder.
    Have a good week.

  10. Oh wow, you do magic with yarn!!! I tried to understand all the explanation and I used to did my share of knitting, but since Dutch is my mother language, it cost me a bit of time to figure out what you were doing with that ‘loop-bottle-thingie’… anyway, I’m glad it works for you and makes your live/knitting easier! Oh, I don’t have word (or any other) verification on my blog (my beloved waved his computer-expert-want so that I don’t get much spam also… I don’t know HOW he did that though… he’s like Merlin I guess…) I feel the same about all those weird, non-readable ‘tangled’ shapes that ‘they’ say are words… Happy woyww, have a nice, creative week. Hug from Holland, Marit #55

  11. I hear you, it is one of the reason I moved to – (also because I could use the layout on my private server) Mary Anne I do hope you have a great WOYWW anyway – and at my place it is free of “word verification thing” I love the way you try to make your yarn working anyway. Also your advent calendar – wow that is a job. Thank you ever so much for sharing
    Kind regards

  12. Happy WOYWW and congrats on the No.1 spot. Firstly, I love your advent calendar design. Secondly, I am completely confused about any knitting talk! Thirdly, I think my WV is turned off – it should be anyway. I am logged into Google, but do see WV on some blogs. A nightmare, as my eyesight is not always brilliant now. Ali x #58

  13. Hi MaryAnne, that ball splitter, apart from sounding like some medieval torture device, seems like a really useful bit of kit for a knitter. The advent envies are really sweet. I reckon you are right, its something Blogger has done, because those of us using Blogger don’t seem to get it. Its not paranoia, they really are out to get us, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #14

  14. I like the design of your advent envelopes very much and I agree with you, that word verification thing is more that annoying! And it is nice seeing someone using wordpress also.
    Gabriele 30

  15. I do despise those word verification things, I don’t have it for that very reason! It makes me even madder when after I do the verification, I see a message saying my response is awaiting approval! love the color of the socks. So wish I could get that knitting thing down. Diane #25

  16. Hi Mary Anne! You shouldn’t get any verification/Captcha coming up on my blog if you’re logged into your blogger account. It’s some stooopid idea of Blogger’s to try to cut out spam it seems. But of course it’s impacting peeps who comment from other devices as well.

    Woot, woot – did you spot the date for the WOYWW crop next year? I’m usually away at a school reunion (just every other year) for the WOYWW crop but next year it doesn’t clash as the crop is earlier. Yay!!


    Di xx

  17. Me too, I hate the word verification, I’m afraid I have had to give up leaving a comment on some blogs because they are not all compatable and wont accept the comment which is sad. You spend so much time with them that you run out of time for other friends.
    If I get something that i don’t think is right on my comments, I just delete it, there is always that option.
    Great socks and the wool winder is identical to the one I have which I have had for years and years, very useful though.
    Happy crafting, Angela x 40

  18. You look quite busy from where I sit! I love that pretty yarn but I’m not a knitter. I love crochet but don’t do it much; makes my shoulder throb. As for word verification I usually just keep moving when I come upon one of those!
    Glenda #37

  19. Yep, I hate the word verification too, I’m afraid I give up trying to leave a comment which is sad.
    Your soaks sound like a work of art, but then knitting is a foreign language to me but I’d love to be able to do it.
    Have fun
    Hugs Lisax #33

  20. Gorgeous socks 🙂 Sandra de @21

  21. Love the knitting, but it sounds really complicated. Now, word verification issues. You’re on the right track I suspect MA as it’s due to a change to Blogger. Here’s a post I wrote on 27th October and there’s a link to the explanation I found on the web. The problem is indeed to do with being logged in to comment.

    Happy WOYWW!

    Di xx

  22. Wow 2 socks at once that’s such a great idea. I gave to agree WV just sucks it’s so annoying for those kind to pop in and visit but then to prove they are a person ugg. Just delete the crop I say lol. You’ve got lots going on Happy woyww hugs Nikki 20

  23. on the word verification thing, some of them have an audible option, but it’s strange sounding because it’s a computer voice.

    • LOL! My ears are as bad as my eyes – I never get THAT right on the first go either. But today I am finding almost all of the blogs only ask for the number verification, which I can see 1st time maybe 90% of the time. Phew.

      PS thanks for the sock chart log. So handy


  24. I had to cancel my word verification a while ago. It was just a pain. I really like the advent calendar. #8

  25. All looks and sounds good to me, Mary Anne – two socks at once is a brill idea. I’ve fallen in love with sock making, and will return to it once the mammoth quilt is finished. I haven’t tried a circular needle, but love using my 4 bamboo dpns. The Advent envies look lovely – the colours are great. Happy WOYWW, Chris # 7

  26. I HATE word verification, I usually dont visit those blogs that have it switched on, drives me up the wall. I dont understand how that ball splitter works I am sure you are an expert by now lol
    Bridget #2

  27. I took my WVoff years ago because it is such a pain for people! I don’t mind the numbers one you find on lots of blogs now, they’re usually easier! Am intrigued by the knitting two socks at once idea, that sounds a neat and timesaving trick! Happy WOYWW

  28. I feel your pain too! I hate that stupid word verification and especially if it then says that they check it before posting… why? LOL Nice to be back… though most of your knitting references went over my head…

  29. Yes I feel your pain., I always have to try and work out the mind boggling word. I think that maybe why people don’t leave more comments.

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