WOYWW 283 – many and varied things, as usual

Happy WOYWW all.

Let’s have a look at my desk first:


So first I have the re-design of my advent envelopes.  Undecided if I will add them as a download, cause I’m just not sure if more than me will like them.


If you look back to yesterday you can see what the plan is.

I also have some woolly things – I bought a ball winder, so I can split a 100g ball of yarn into two centre-pull balls.


You can probably tell that the not-digital scale I have is rubbish for this sort of measurement – don’t misinterpret this, ladies, but my balls are two different sizes.  Oh dear. Although it was really cheap from Amazon, and it SAYS in the instructions you need the skein on a swift, so long as I hold the yarn guide and rest the yarn past it on my finger it winds really well and the resulting ball pulls from the centre with ease.

I need the two balls because I am doing the 2-socks, Magic loop thing, see?


I did mention the other day that adding a loom band kept the loop from pulling flat, but the thing is you have to remember to add it before you cast on! I didn’t, so that white thing is a small plastic bottle, topped and tailed and slit thru the middle. I can slip it over the cable or move it from needle to  needle as I turn my work and it keeps me from losing my loop.  And that zip lock bag trick?  Love that. So long as I grab the top of the bag in my hand with the needles and turn both over at the same time, the yarn stays in line with the sock that is using it.  No tangles. No need for the laundry tub and the gallon sized bag at all. Nice. The plan is to knit till the yarn is all used up then add the afterthought heel in the dark grey once DS in back from uni to try them on.  That is when it could all go horribly wrong, the snipping out a row with scissors. If I watch a bazillion more videos about afterthought heels I reckon I can do it…. oh PLEASE let it work…

I started WOYWW last week with the plan to visit every blog on WOYWW and failed.  It was a bit of a nightmare, the word verification thing.  I am just incapable of seeing one of the two words they always have.  One I can read perfectly fine – the other one takes me AGES to figure out, then my first guess is almost always wrong, so I try again…before you know it, 10 minutes have gone by and I give up in frustration. I am really hoping for better luck this week – especially as quite a few people got back to  me in comments or offline to assure me they don’t have WV running when in fact, they do …or at least they do for me.  I think it’s Google trying to make everyone sign in to be able to comment, especially non-Blogger bloggers, but that’s just me getting my paranoia on I’m sure {wink} I would love to know if you see word verification on Blogger/Blogspot blogs if you are a Google blogger and are logged in. My fervent hope is in the past week it’s all settled down and  it isn’t on every blog. Funny thing is the number one was a bit of a pain but I can ALWAYS read them. Do you have the option?  If so trust me, number is way better for your commenters ….


I’m just sayin…


Have a good one…..

Just to add – typical.  I was able to sail thru comments all day yesterday, and get thru a few this morning, with just the number verification, when all of a sudden every blog had word verification on it ! I even went back to look at a few that I had commented on yesterday to find that THEY now had word verification as well.  I give up.