Not another advent calendar!


I have just been dithering about making yet another advent calendar – the thing is, I LIKE making them, even if the kids are really well past the point of actually being excited to open them.  But although I have made the chocolate-holder style and the just flip or add style, one that I have seen but not made is an event sort of one.  The 12 Snorfs of Christmas was a bit like that, with little events or tasks added, but that was AFTER Christmas … you see, I am really working hard to justify this LOL!



So I have been working on a modern colour design, lime and turquoise, and based on little coin envelope style holders to contain fun holiday events.  My “desktop” – computer and actual, is littered with my play



and I am considering a slight redesign as well as considering black or white for the envelope options


We’ll see if it comes to anything or not…



3 thoughts on “Not another advent calendar!

  1. AWESOME !!! That made me laugh – the Snorfs,,,,,, I first read it as Snarfs – thinking you had hidden some goodies inside them to snarf up ? 😀 Great work. I would really like a set of these 🙂

    IKE in Greece xxxx

  2. Love those little chaps!So cute!!Never too old for Advent calendas. A chap next to Mum at her Nursing Home loves the ones I bring him./He puts them in the dining room at the Home, and snaffles the choccie!!

  3. Love these Snorfs. TOO cute. Everyone must want to come play with you and all your fun ideals. I know I would.

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