Not another advent calendar!


I have just been dithering about making yet another advent calendar – the thing is, I LIKE making them, even if the kids are really well past the point of actually being excited to open them.  But although I have made the chocolate-holder style and the just flip or add style, one that I have seen but not made is an event sort of one.  The 12 Snorfs of Christmas was a bit like that, with little events or tasks added, but that was AFTER Christmas … you see, I am really working hard to justify this LOL!



So I have been working on a modern colour design, lime and turquoise, and based on little coin envelope style holders to contain fun holiday events.  My “desktop” – computer and actual, is littered with my play



and I am considering a slight redesign as well as considering black or white for the envelope options


We’ll see if it comes to anything or not…



3 thoughts on “Not another advent calendar!

  1. Love these Snorfs. TOO cute. Everyone must want to come play with you and all your fun ideals. I know I would.

  2. Love those little chaps!So cute!!Never too old for Advent calendas. A chap next to Mum at her Nursing Home loves the ones I bring him./He puts them in the dining room at the Home, and snaffles the choccie!!

  3. AWESOME !!! That made me laugh – the Snorfs,,,,,, I first read it as Snarfs – thinking you had hidden some goodies inside them to snarf up ? 😀 Great work. I would really like a set of these 🙂

    IKE in Greece xxxx

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