Back to socks – organizing my needles and taming my yarn


I still have two socks complete, and their companions on the needles, but I couldn’t resist casting on the two-socks on one. I was frustrated by the yarn tangle at first but the combo of an old laundry pod tub and a zip lock bag closed in the middle but open at each side tamed that for me


I’m sure I’ve seen this idea used for two-colour knitting – or maybe it was crochet – but it works perfectly for sock yarn balls.


I also added a stitch marker in the middle – just to remind me to drop on yarn and pick up the other so I don’t end up with the socks knitted together!  And all I have to do is turn the bag to keep the yarn from tangling up.  Result!

Really how ever did we get along before zip lock bags?  I have all my needles organized by size in quart bags.  On the outside I write the needle size, and the cable length for circulars, and note when I have DPNs or interchangeable needles, and have a bag for spare cables.


They are all on a large book ring. Clearly I don’t have enough if that is all the room they take up! LOL!



I aim to have at least the one heavy-weight, warm, for-around-the-house pair complete by the weekend and the striped one soon after.  I’m interested to see how long doing two at once takes, and how crazy I am after doing the long, boring leg and foot parts and how much crazier I am turning two heels! Maybe I will do one heel at a time…. I’m such a chicken…

2 thoughts on “Back to socks – organizing my needles and taming my yarn

  1. I gave up knitting 2 of anything years ago for two reasons 1) the second sock syndrome, even on sleeves and 2) my 2nd of anything NEVER came out the same length, no matter how hard I tried. I’m hoping knitting 2 at a time with magic loop will solve both of my problems.

    Currently, I’m knitting 2 fingerless mittens. It took me a few tries to get properly started but after about 10 rows, I’ve settled into the rhythm I think. I’m planning on using this method to knit the sleeves of this cardigan I’ve started For once it would be nice to have 2 sleeves the same length!

    Good luck with your socks!

  2. I thought it would of been easier to knit both at the same time so you get the exact same length and tension. Is it like knitting sleeves for a jumper or cardigan? At least you are organized.

    Hugs Eliza

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