WOYWW 282 – more sticky stuff


I am still playing with Stick it.  And people who know me at all know I love fonts and text.  I watched a whole movie about Helvetica, for heaven’s sake.  I accept Stick It  is great for intricate die cuts but for ME, it was always going to be about letters.  As soon as I opened up the pack I knew it was going to be perfect for them – and it is.  But what is on my desk for this week’s WOYWW are two more experiments. The first is fabric.



Didn’t they turn out nice? And this is a pretty loose woven fabric – even so, the Stick It holds the threads in place pretty darn well.



I wouldn’t really do much repositioning with fabric, but it is a nice effect.  I also wanted to take advantage of the full coverage on the back with cardstock die cuts – not all dies will work for this, as sometimes the letters are just squished together too closely, like the one from yesterday, but the QK full-alpha dies are nicely spread out.


That is just the waste trimmed and stuck over white card – but patterned paper would work just as well. And coloured vellum would be really pretty, I think.  With these full alpha dies, it’s easier to cut the whole thing.  I have always saved all the spares when I cut the full set but just in a box – and sorting thru them all to find a certain letter is a pain.  I thought I should be a little more organized.




There is also a little video on YT that demos adding the adhesive to both sides so you can stick one side and add glitter, for example, to the other.  I think you could also use it to add embossing powders or gilding flakes too.  So more to play with on another day.

Life is slowly getting back to normal and hopefully my WOYWW participation will too. I just about managed to get to anyone who commented last week but I am feeling like I need another visit-every-blog week to make up for my spotty visiting recently but now so many blogs have the added typed-number verification it all takes longer – although if I could manage to limit my comments and not go on for paragraphs, I might get to more desks  LOL!

and t update – no way I will make 100% commenting, even if I do make 100% visiting, this week.  The simple number typing took a little time but the word verification thing?  It takes me so many attempts to nail it I am giving up after 3 tries.  Sorry.  Assume I visited and couldn’t comment if you don’t see me.  I wonder if it’s just cause I am a WordPress user and not a Google user.  {sigh}

Have a great WOYWW.

26 thoughts on “WOYWW 282 – more sticky stuff

  1. Hi Mary Anne, I don’t have word verification on my blog but you left a message that it was a nuisance to be there, I have just checked I have moderation set up and I moderate everything but this is because of other people who want to say things to me without it getting published, convenience sometimes. anyway I was a little confused and did another check on the settings. Can you try again, 2 posts did get through to me.

    So on with the good stuff, I am really intrigued by the stick it, it looks to be a brilliant product, must get my hands on some of it to give it a go. I love it how you test drive everything and your not afraid to take on a challenge. Those letters did turn out brilliant with that material. Oh I don’t do quilting either, I might use the material in book binding soon. I can’t sew for peanuts.

    Sorry just getting to visit till now, DD stole my computer and I didn’t want to reply on the iPad as it takes forever.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #9
    Thanks for visiting and happy WOYWW

  2. I wouldn’t worry about not commenting … WV. Is areal pain as is not leaving a no as it takes so long and I’m usually on the move or in the gym. Love the lettering I wish I had big letter dies but only have small ones which I don’t think would work .. Happy playing
    Janet @17

  3. Never heard of the stick it adhesive. Will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I really love those letters! I am very fond of numbers and letters myself, but don´t have any die cut stuff and buying everything I would need is a bit costy
    Gabriele 31

  5. I’m OK on Google blogs today, but not from the iPad, as damn usual!
    Really good reviews, it’s so nice to get a great first thought was with yours..alphas! I love the fabric you’ve used too, incidentally, and that level of holding the fibres is perfectly acceptable for me, compared to other options! Glad you’re finding ‘normal’ again…I’m not. And spotty visiting…I think to worry not!

  6. Hi Mary Anne, you have me really puzzled now, as I just checked and I most definitely have word verification turned off, I hate it too. I think maybe your guess about WordPress being the problem may be right. Love the look of the Stick-it, I saw it about a couple of weeks ago, a Joanna Sheen email, I think, and have recommended it to a couple of people on SCS who were asking about how to stick down intricate die cuts. Great job its done with those leters, they are amazing. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #14 xxx

  7. I don’t have, and never will have, word/number verification!!! Can’t stand those things! So do please come visit, lol!

    I have a similar product and found they work out so well for intricate dies. I think they also make “Mask It” which I just purchased recently but haven’t tried out yet. It’s the little things that really make a difference. I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #27

  8. Sorry forgot to leave my number, Angela x 34

  9. Love the fabric and the way the letters turned out. This Stick It stuff sounds a bit like bonder web which I always buy on the roll, think it’s cheaper that way.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  10. Thank you for sharing this, it looks awesome. As a use of tiny dies from Technique Tuesday and Sizzix I’m sure this will prove invaluable, I’m off to buy some.

  11. I love these die cut letters using fabric. How creative!
    Glenda #33

  12. Umm, did my blog really have word verification on? I just checked in Blogger settings and it’s definitely turned off..though that’s not to say that the ghosts in the machine like to create mayhem now and again!
    I love the possibilities of die cutting this letters….that would make my life a lot easier for personalised stuff, that’s for sure but I’m not buying a machine just for that! Skinflint that I am :-). It was interesting to read about the sticky stuff even though I’ll never use it!
    Hugs, LLJ 28 xx

  13. Hi Mary Anne – the letters in that fabric look great. I’ve been experimenting with fonts, too, trying to find the right one for some flash books I’m making. I look forward to seeing where yours end up. Happy WOYWW, Chris # 24

  14. Hullo there Maryanne ah stick it sounds fab and love the variegated letters they are really cool. happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #25

  15. Sorry I meant Mary Anne aaarrrggg LOL

  16. Hi Helen. Happy WOYWW. Oh goodness more sticky stuff…now I’ll have to look for some of that too LOL. I love the fabric letters!!
    hugs Annette In Oz #12

  17. It looks like a great product to use with woven fabric. I’ve cut it a couple of times and used copy paper to get a clean edge, but it’s easy to pull the cut fabric letters out of shape while positioning/adhering, if the weave is loose.

    Fiona #20

  18. I have used the stuff you iron on the fabric first then stamp on it and cut it out and glue down, but not what your showing today! Have you tried both ??? Which is best??? I have used the iron one in my project in my post this week
    Jackie 15

  19. Typed long message … Then wouldn’t let me leave it!!!! Like this stick it would like to give it a try!

  20. Hadn’t heard of stick-it – but read yesterday’s post all about it. Looks good, and useful. Love ther card you made and the fabric letters.
    Margaret #16

  21. I really like those fabric letters!! I’ll have to get some of that Stickit stuff.I have never heard of it. It’s great!

  22. I am liking the look of that Stick It very much – just went back to read the review as I didn’t have time when the email came in. Is it very pricey? I think you have too much time on your hands to split your letters like that – although, given how long it takes to find one you’ve already cut, perhaps it is time very well spent!! Helen 2

    • The bigger than A4 size (works for a scrapbook page border, for example, at 12 1/4 inches) is I think 5 sheets for about £6. I still think for certain things you could add it in strips rather than full back coverage, and maybe even add it after die cutting to conserve it, but I keep finding things to do with the waste bits so for now I’m doing as they suggest. And really, it is HANDY for any die cut but not REQUIRED for all of them. I wouldn’t waste it on a circle but now I don’t think I would want to stick text any other way. Coming round to visit you in a minute….I may copy this over so you don’t have to come back to read it 🙂


  23. Those are kewl like how the fabric turned out on them 🙂 hugs Nikki #6

  24. I am now #4!

  25. I did not get to visit anyone last week, I just had a manic one! Hoping to get round to a few desks before work today, if only Julia would load! LOL!

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