WOYWW 282 – more sticky stuff

I am still playing with Stick it.  And people who know me at all know I love fonts and text.  I watched a whole movie about Helvetica, for heaven’s sake.  I accept Stick It  is great for intricate die cuts but for ME, it was always going to be about letters.  As soon as I opened up the pack I knew it was going to be perfect for them – and it is.  But what is on my desk for this week’s WOYWW are two more experiments. The first is fabric.



Didn’t they turn out nice? And this is a pretty loose woven fabric – even so, the Stick It holds the threads in place pretty darn well.



I wouldn’t really do much repositioning with fabric, but it is a nice effect.  I also wanted to take advantage of the full coverage on the back with cardstock die cuts – not all dies will work for this, as sometimes the letters are just squished together too closely, like the one from yesterday, but the QK full-alpha dies are nicely spread out.


That is just the waste trimmed and stuck over white card – but patterned paper would work just as well. And coloured vellum would be really pretty, I think.  With these full alpha dies, it’s easier to cut the whole thing.  I have always saved all the spares when I cut the full set but just in a box – and sorting thru them all to find a certain letter is a pain.  I thought I should be a little more organized.




There is also a little video on YT that demos adding the adhesive to both sides so you can stick one side and add glitter, for example, to the other.  I think you could also use it to add embossing powders or gilding flakes too.  So more to play with on another day.

Life is slowly getting back to normal and hopefully my WOYWW participation will too. I just about managed to get to anyone who commented last week but I am feeling like I need another visit-every-blog week to make up for my spotty visiting recently but now so many blogs have the added typed-number verification it all takes longer – although if I could manage to limit my comments and not go on for paragraphs, I might get to more desks  LOL!

and t update – no way I will make 100% commenting, even if I do make 100% visiting, this week.  The simple number typing took a little time but the word verification thing?  It takes me so many attempts to nail it I am giving up after 3 tries.  Sorry.  Assume I visited and couldn’t comment if you don’t see me.  I wonder if it’s just cause I am a WordPress user and not a Google user.  {sigh}

Have a great WOYWW.