Kitchener stitch? HA! A Sunday-someplace-else

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Well, it has been AGES since I did a Sunday-someplace-else post, where I blog about something I found elsewhere that I loved, for one reason or another.  Blogging has been tricky recently, what with the in-laws extended visit, now DDs 18th just gone, and with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, and with me trying to learn something new (at the expense of a whole pile of WIPs/UFOs.) But I found something that made me so happy I could squeal.

Remember that I made that pair of socks? the ones I quite casually said had languished, totally complete for four years except for the grafting of ONE of the toes?  And remember how it actually turned out to have been more like seven years, based on the layout I had done for SI? Clearly I am a woman who does not like the grafting of toes.  I just struggle to wrap my head around it.  But then I found THIS short video, which shows how to KNIT the toes closed rather than sewing them.  And I was sceptical, frankly, but by god IT WORKS.

OK, so I am still chanting in my head purl front pull slide, knit front pull leave … knit back pull slide, purl back pull leave... but really, the toe is a thing of beauty.  My photos of it are rubbish, but I would say if you knit and if you hate grafting the toe of socks, give this a go.  Really.  I will try to get a good shot of both toes once sock two is done. I got the whole ribbing and a dozen rows done in the car to and from skating this AM so I am well on my way. I still have the second of the striped socks to finish, now I have the circular needle I needed, and I have two using the cheap Tiger yarn on another circular and got the ribbing on those well underway.  SOMEONE might be getting handknit socks for Christmas, once I feel confident in both the method (on circulars, yes, but one long one, two at a time? or two circulars, two at a time?) and the pattern and the weight (LOVE the thick worsted weight ones on 3mm needles but the find sock yarn ones are more reasonable in shoes…

Next item to research is blocking of socks – do I have to buy a sock-blocker or is there a home-made solution?

Happy half-term!

Oh and sorry to my WOYWW mates – I am determined to do my visits tomorrow!

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