Searching for the perfect method…

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Socks.  Socks. Socks.  Dear me.  I did say once before, I think, that actually WEARING the socks I knit was a revelation.  Toasty toes, unlike cheap cotton and/or nylon blended socks, they are like a hug for your foot. But I am still searching for the very best way to make them.  So many options, difficult for an obsessive like me to cope with.  What do I have so far?

The first pair is in the laundry – did those many years ago on DPNs.

I’ll spare you the photo of them worn and smelly, but I do have a photo of the layout I did with them on it, for Scrapbook Inspirations – I took the photo in 2008 so when I said this pair was old, I underestimated how old.  I thought maybe 4 years. Ha!


I don’t shy away from brightly coloured socks!

The recent pair, that I cast on and knit while MIL was here, to refresh my memory and try her favourite pattern, was also on DPNs – well, the firs one was.  The second one is on a teeny tiny Addi circular – so small I am finding it hard to hold on to! But I am glad that it’s on and hope it will ward of second-sock-syndrome.  Also quite pleased it is looking like I did find the right place to start sock two so they match at least a bit.


Then I have the best part of one worsted weight sock done, my first attempt at the Magic Loop for one sock – that is the black one.  It’s got issues, due to the ripping back (at least a row where I think I twisted the stitches) but these were only ever meant to be thick, warm, around the house socks, so I always looked at them as a practice pair.


Then I have two circulars, to try the two socks on two circulars method – I am thinking that with that method (and the Magic Loop too) those first few rows, keeping the cast on edge from twisting and getting the rib established, is the hardest part.  I have an idea to try when I cast them on.  That is planned for the cheap sock yard from Tiger (£3 for 3 balls, 75% wool, 25% nylon) and might end up being a go at the afterthought heel that Moz sent me.   Eventually I will try the two on Magic loop version but am thinking I so need a longer circular for that. The cheap Pony circular that I am using for the black socks is rubbish – the cable is so stiff and the join of the needle to the cable catches the loops every time I slide the loop around.  If I had not seen about a gajillion videos of people using proper circulars with thin flexible cables I may have just given up on the method, but unwrapping the Knit-pro needles I can see it is going to be SO much easier!

There are a couple of balls there at the back that I don’t have plans for – one of them was bought back when I bought the yarn for the original pair….

And just because I thought it was insanely great, I have to show you this video.  Yep – a week of socks, all different patterns, all on one enormous (pair of? Magic Loop?) circular needles.  Seriously. I am in awe….


One thought on “Searching for the perfect method…

  1. So many socks!! I am loving all the yarny-socky-goodness 🙂 And WOW that guy was making a lot of socks at one time! I haven’t even been able to finish one :/

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