WOYWW 281 – late today

To be honest, yesterday was a bit crazy and I realized that I hadn’t snapped a WOYWW photo when it was light.  I had pretty much decided to skip it for one more week, but then, once I had sorted out a knitting problem, I decided I might as well.  So what is on my desk?  My solution for my own stupidity….


Here’s the thing – I am not a “natural” knitter – I don’t feel it in my bones, like I do crochet. My great-grandmother taught me crochet, I watched her create the most spectacular filet crochet bedspreads for many of the women in my family, of my Mom’s generation, when they married and it just seemed natural to do.  Knitting is a battle.  And while I am happy to rip back my crochet, even the THOUGHT of ripping back knitting makes me feel faint.  You’d think that would make me more careful…

You may recall I was feeling quite please with myself after thinking I had finally cracked the Magic Loop for one sock.  I really had, until the heel.  No, that’s not right – the heel was FINE. Picking up the slipped stitched for the gusset was FINE.  it was a perspective issue, I think.  Somehow, I got turned around – probably not realizing where I was on the loop, and managed to somehow do the SSK leaning decreases on the wrong side of the heel.  They were lovely, that wasn’t the problem – they went the wrong way was the problem.  So I did the K2Tog on the side I should have SSKed and SSKed on the side I should have K2Tog.  Doh!

Cue cursing, and a quick check to see the safest way to rip back OMG like 15 hard-fought rows in the widest area of a sock, finding that the lifeline is GENIUS but too late for me NOW, and off I went, taking it right back to the heel-turn on one needle and the instep on the other.  I needed something to remind me – I am rubbish, clearly, at “reading” my knitting, and I couldn’t see past how perfect the stitches looked to see how they all headed the wrong way, and I wasn’t going to risk THAT with the next sock.  So I grabbed that box of alpha-beads and made myself custom stitch markers


They are slightly bigger than ideal, but on the plus side, I’m not going to lose them easily, or overlook them even if I am knitting while watching TV!


I played with a couple of methods, from the old wine-charm rings to simple cord (this is hemp-cord, also from my scrap supplies)


and they all work more or less as well as I need them too.  Because my pattern is one decrease round, one plain round, I added a plain marker (thank you Simply Knitting, many years ago…) to remind me.  So I knit the decrease then add the plain markers.  When I return to the spot, I know the plain marker means I am on a plain row.  I remove it then the next time round I can see it’s time to decrease.  Now, I expect I will eventually get better at this, and this pair of socks is always going to be the around-the-house, unlovely but warm ones that I will always hate a little because they aren’t perfect, but love a little cause they helped me conquer the Magi loop….

I shudder to think where I might fall in the WOYWW linky list, but it really is more about taking part than getting the top spot just cause I sleep badly and tend to be up {wink}