I am still taking advantage of my MIL.  She happened to bring with her a sock pattern that she got free with a ball of sock yarn so many years ago that she has made 100s of socks using it.  I really like it.  When doing the tidy-up I found not one, not two, but 3 pairs of sock yarn skeins. I had spent some time researching patterns, looking for a basic one that I liked.  The last pair I knitted with the Yarn Harlot’s guidelines (not the cheat sheet) in Knitting Rules.  I was looking for something that was jut knit this, do that, etc. etc.  The point is I figured why not give her tried and tested version a go?


So far so good, although I took this photo yesterday then found no time to actually blog it, and by now I have turned the heal, done the heel cup and an at the picking-up-and-knitting the side gusset phase. But it is working well and I already got one tip from MIL that I am in love with.  When she does the long-tail cast on, she doubles the yarn and knits the first k1, p1 ribbing with  the doubled strand.  Not only does that very securely weave in the ends so there is NO WAY they will ver work free, it gives a much softer and thicker top edge.  It’s hard to SEE but easy to feel. This is how I will do every sock from now on!


I am also curious to see how it is possible that the £1 balls of yarn from Tiger are 50 g but only 170 metres and because of that how they will make up.  There is a symbol that is an = sign with a / thru it, between the 50g and the 170 metres – which is what? more or less = to maybe? About = to? Not sure.  But what I am sure of is that this yarn, unearthed in the cleaning, is Regia yarn, 50 g and 210 metres.  40 metres is A LOT of difference.  I don’t want to knit anklets.  It might be worth grabbing another £1 ball just so I am sure I have enough.  £3 for a pair of hand knitted socks is pretty reasonable still, don’tcha think?

Time is growing short, they leave soon, so I now need to look at ALL my knitting, crochet and quilting projects and see if there are any other sticky wickets I would want to ask her advice on before the jet off to sunny Spain.  Sorry to say MIL does not, and never has, free-motion quilted.  That is one thing I can’t get her guidance on, more’s the pity. I wonder if LLJ FMQs?  And if so, what is her availability for private lessons ……

4 thoughts on “Socks

  1. Ԍreat informɑtion аnd context.

  2. Hiya MaryAnne Would you be able to share the pattern for the socks please?Many thanks Dru

    • Probably not – the copy she has is pretty tattered but now laminated and it doesn’t scan very well. I was working from an altered version, taking my feet into account (they are are a bit big :)) and that is handwritten and abbreviated. It is from the Mary Maxim site however, so might be that it is on there in the original form – it came with SOCKA yarn if that helps find it. MIL is off to Barcelona then on a cruise but once she gets home she might send me a scanned copy she thinks she has. To be honest, it isn’t significantly different to 100 other sock patterns found for free on Ravelry or one of the yarn sites (like Lion, Red Heart, etc) With socks I think you have to try a few of them, find one you like, and stick with that, like she did.

      If I find it or get it from her in the future, I’ll add a link but sorry, I won’t type in the whole two page details 🙂


  3. The equals sign with a cross through it is a ‘not equal to’ sign. Not sure how useful it is in this context though. I love my knitted socks. So far I have only knitted one and a bit pairs. I’m interested to know how you get on with the tiger yarn as it is so much cheaper than usual. Thanks for all the work you put into making your blog so interesting and informative.

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