WOYWW 279 – a Then and Now


Happy WOYWW to all!  One of the little trips we did with the in-laws was a trip to Tylney Hall.  This is a local country grand hotel that has wonderful gardens.  Each year, usually twice a year, they open the gardens to the public for a fundraising event.  We went a couple of past years, and I even did a layout of they visit – probably for Scrapbook Inspirations, since I had to find the actual layout in order to photo it and add it.  I didn’t really start blogging till the magazine had ceased publication. But here it is:


I had to grab the album and remind them both of being there before.  what they really remembered?  Those funny little gnomes hidden all around and hunting to find them.  Look at them now…the kids, not the gnomes!


DD being goofy, DS being casual but both so grown up now I can hardly stand it! How time flies…

My desk is not so cluttered cause I am not really finding the time to be crafty.  It’ll be a few weeks before I get back to serious play. But I will plan on popping round to as many desks as I can while the in-laws are otherwise occupied.



The red thing is actually a colour catcher from the wash – I just LOVE the colour, but no idea what I might do with it – and when we took the car in to the local garage for valeting, guess what they found and left in the cup holder for me?


I knew I had it, just no idea where LOL!

Happy WOYWW!

28 thoughts on “WOYWW 279 – a Then and Now

  1. Love your layout and yes they do grow up so fast. I am really late getting around to my selected desk. Have a great weekend. Joynana #51

  2. Thanks for your return visit, Mary Anne, and I agree that the postcode lottery is a bad thing whatever area it affects. If DD is on higher rate mobility DLA she’s automatically entitled to a blue badge – that has nothing to do with where you live. However, is she isn’t, there’s a discretionary section of the form where you have to state how far she can walk etc. and with GP’s support she might still get it. Lovely to hear that she’s able to go skating – that will help with strength and co-ordination. Even when I was well I could never master it lol! Great minds think alike re studio layout lol! It certainly does work for me.

    Shoshi #32

  3. Fabulous pics and looks like you had a great time. Great desk too. Take care Zo xx 57

  4. Super LO and neat craft space. Just having a break in between getting things ready for my sale for Saturday. Thanks for sharing. Hope that you have a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #47 x

  5. What lovely gardens at Tylney Hall! Yes, time flies and that’s why it’s so nice to document what we do in a scrapbook page.
    Actually, I like that colour too (of the colour catcher) it’s beautiful.
    I like your ‘screamers’ by the way and have copied them (if I may) to use them on a card. Not necessarily a Haloween card (as we ‘don’t do’ Haloween….)
    Thank you for letting me peep over your shoulder.
    Have a good week and a lovely time with the in-laws.

  6. Oh my the years just go way too fast! I’ve lost my woyww badge, think it may fallen off at ally pally but hoping it will turn up here somewhere. Have a great Wednesday, Cindy #41

  7. time does pass so quickly. Lovely layout and pics. the pins on your desk are interesting. Peg 44

  8. I do love the colour of that colour catcher too… just keep it and ‘one day’ you will know the perfect use! Thanks for stopping at my blog today… the ‘images’ you see on the art journal page are ‘Russian soldiers’ or something… they were on the pink paper that I used as my background – it’s a page (not an old one though, it’s re-printed) from an old French newspaper talking about the ‘October revolution” and my son used it to pack my present in stating: “the wrapping paper is a present too as I know that you will use it to do something beautiful with it mum” (he certainly knows me!) But I agree with you: it should be stamps!! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #38

  9. Your kids look like they had a lot of fun. Glad you found your WOYWW badge
    Bridget #1

  10. A lovely page of memories. Hope you’re not feeling too frustrated with the lack of crafting opportunity. I have to keep taking a deep breath and reminding myself to make the most of looking after Mum. There’ll be all the time in the world for ‘me’ time when she’s no longer here, and I don’t want to be left with regrets. Have a good week, Chris # 23 xx

  11. Great layout, Mary Anne and it sounds as if you had a great time. Your desk is super tidy! Love the colour catcher. You are a woman after my own heart, wanting to make art out of it instead of throwing it out. So glad your WOYWW badge turned up – my hubby lost his wedding ring once and several years later we sold the car to a friend, who took the carpet up so some welding could be done to stop water coming in, and lo and behold, there it was! He’d stashed it there “for safe keeping” when he was off to do some heavy work.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #32

  12. Hi Mary Anne, thanks for visiting my desk. Great layout and lucky you to find the WOYWW badge. Cheers enjoy your week RobynO#37

  13. Hi Mary Anne, what an ace reminder of the past! Love the ‘now’ pic, awesome tree. Using that colour catcher is brilliant- don’t ask how many times I’ve used them in the past. Great to have found your badge. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #36 xx

  14. Colour catcher from the wash! There’s something new! Thanks for letting me have a peak at your desk! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #22

  15. Nice layouts….I have bought stuff many times to start scrap booking but I always give up in the end, maybe some day….
    Have a nice time with your visitors!
    Lots of hugs,

  16. Love the photo, what a gorgeous place, your kids have certainly grown.
    That piece of paper with the red wash is gorgeous too, I would stamp on it with green baubles and use it on a christmas card, loveleee!
    Happy crafting, when you get the chance, Angela x 39

  17. Goodness, but I love your LO…and the fact that your kids aren’t too grown up to still muck around! Thankfully, my sons are just the same…though they have a good example in me. I can be way more infantile than them 🙂
    And thanks for owning up to the stash problem!! That makes me feel better :-). I reckon I’m going to start a random stripe blanket when I’ve finished making the Crochet for kidneys one (sewing up the squares now, just the border to do…phew)
    Hugs, LLJ 20 xx

  18. Great comparison photos but what a beautiful garden to visit. Pleased you found your WOYWW badge now you can stop looking for it. LOL Have a great week.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza, Yoda & Flat Susan #12

  19. great post and I love the photos! They do grow up way too fast don’t they. I was looking through a box of stuff and ran across pics of my son when he was about 6-7…he is 38 now! WOW! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #25

  20. I love looking back at my old pages and reminding myself as to what we got up to. This page of yours is stunning. I scrolled down to see what I have missed and you have been busy! Love the finished quilt and the robin and the digi stmaps. #17

  21. Love the now pic of DD and DS! the layout shows me the place is a wonderful one for a visit. Have a good week. Helen 3 – just beat you this week, lol!

  22. Great Photos and Congrats on finding your badge 🙂 hugs Nikki 9

  23. Love your layouts and your nice bright photos! Happy WOYWW to you!

    Create With Joy #6

  24. I like that scrapbook page. Hope you able to get some crafting done sometime soon#2

  25. What a great scrap page! Love what you shared about it! Glad you got your badge back. You have already posted, and it is still Tuesday night here! But I will post tomorrow morning when I get up, but don’t know my number yet. :). Happy WOYWW!

  26. Love your boys and remember when mine were that age. Thanks for letting me see a little of your world.

  27. Wow I love your photo’s what a beautiful place to take photo’s, I so love the photo of your son helping her sister up the path so so cute…
    Look forward to seeing more of your scrapping creations…

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