WOYWW 279 – a Then and Now

Happy WOYWW to all!  One of the little trips we did with the in-laws was a trip to Tylney Hall.  This is a local country grand hotel that has wonderful gardens.  Each year, usually twice a year, they open the gardens to the public for a fundraising event.  We went a couple of past years, and I even did a layout of they visit – probably for Scrapbook Inspirations, since I had to find the actual layout in order to photo it and add it.  I didn’t really start blogging till the magazine had ceased publication. But here it is:


I had to grab the album and remind them both of being there before.  what they really remembered?  Those funny little gnomes hidden all around and hunting to find them.  Look at them now…the kids, not the gnomes!


DD being goofy, DS being casual but both so grown up now I can hardly stand it! How time flies…

My desk is not so cluttered cause I am not really finding the time to be crafty.  It’ll be a few weeks before I get back to serious play. But I will plan on popping round to as many desks as I can while the in-laws are otherwise occupied.



The red thing is actually a colour catcher from the wash – I just LOVE the colour, but no idea what I might do with it – and when we took the car in to the local garage for valeting, guess what they found and left in the cup holder for me?


I knew I had it, just no idea where LOL!

Happy WOYWW!