Print Friendly or PDF button!

In the past I have blogged about ways to turn any blog post into a PDF using Readability.  This is great because YOU are the one in control – you need not depend on the blogger to make it happen.   But as a blogger I wanted to add something for my readers that was easy.  I found a useful plug-in for WordPress called PrintFriendly.  Even better, it is available for a number of platforms, so all you Blogger bloggers can use it too.


Just select the platform you use and follow the simple instructions.  Once you do, here is what it looks like on my WordPress blog:


If you click that button, you get the option to create a print-friendly page without all the clutter at the top, bottom and sides – that looks like this, for a recent post (and you can see the page here for comparison):


See at the top? you can print the page, you can tick REMOVE IMAGES to print just the text (which seems not useful for most things I do, but you never know…)


or create a PDF – and that offers you a fair few options that YOU control


I’ve not explored all the options, but will do someday when I have the time.

Now, this is clearly dependant on the blogger (i.e. ME, in this case) adding that button for you.  But if YOU are a blogger and want to make it easy for your readers to print and/or save a post as a PDF, you can add this button.  I know on WordPress there is a way you can add the button just on specific posts – so if I did a very long and detailed post, on a technique, or a tutorial for something like a mini-album, I could opt to add that button. People who wanted to could create a PDF or print the post easily, rather than me creating a PDF myself.  Not all posts are worthy of printing or PDFing LOL!   but for example, what about a crochet pattern?  Might be nice to have it as a PDF rather than a cluttered page print, yes?

I’ll probably point out the button in posts that I think people might like to convert or print, but it’ll be there on every post.