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Down to the wire now, as our visitors arrive tomorrow!  Greatly looking forward to it, and to getting out and about with them – of course that means NOT being at my desk. Oh well.  I do have a few things, a mix of old and new, to fill the gap but not every day.

Here is a quick set of printables.  I enjoy many of the home-decorating and remodeling shows on TV but am aways flummoxed by people when they talk about their “forever house” – the one they plan on being in till they die.  I can’t even conceive of that – we’ve moved so many times.  This house is the first place we’ve been in for more than 3 or 4 years since we got married.   But the phrase stuck in my head and these sprang from that:


I am going to go back right away and double-check to make sure this link to the PDF download shows up with no problems.

I first thought of some sort of baby face for the two baby cards, but I figured with just a heart on there they are actually more useful.



Really, the printed blue is much more like the screen grab – it really isn’t that intensely turquoise! an I did both cards with words and a page of pure pattern filler cards as well, just so there are some matching bits if you need them.


Have fun!


One thought on “Forever printables

  1. Thank you for all sharing! Cordialy from France,

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