Finally, something new!


Just a quick printable today.  I am totally in love with icons.  Those little crisp graphics that say so much.  This small set of PL journaling cards are simple but I hope they will be useful.  I keep hearing people say while they like the purely decorative cards they find much more use for ones that make space for journaling or photos – the most commen comment seems to be I have too many photos to waste space on filler cards. That might be followed by I’d rather cut a chunk from patterned paper cause printer ink is expensive! In any case these can easily be filler cards if you like, as the white area is filled with a tiny grid, or a small photo could be added there instead.


And here you see them printed – harder to see the grid in the photo but you can see them in the screen grab above!


I am always aware that the majority of people will want to round their corners.  But sometimes I underestimate the space needed to accomplish that. And sometimes it’s not obvious till I print them and round them


So on this one card, the cameras were just the littlest bit too tight to the edge.  Just to explain why they don’t look right in the overall photo but that the PDF will print-to-round when you download the file.


The Polaroid style one is really perfect for adding a photo to, and I think the battery-recharging one works on many levels.  Did it pop into your head that it would work for a napping baby or you having a coffee?  In some ways I think I should also do a battery-depleted version, for a super-active kid or even Mom needing a coffee, but as there is no text on the set, you could easily just flip the whole page and print – did you think of that??


I think they work equally well either way, but if you don’t, you can always edit/crop a copy of the PDF to isolate just that one card!

Now, as I spent virtually the entire day yesterday with DD, who is home sick (still home sick today but not needing me so much) and installing and setting up Chrome as .. what? .. my 5th browser option? I have a load of WOYWW visits to try.  With luck I can comment! Already I am hating Chrome for lots of things – it makes UKS look rubbish (anything underlined anywhere looks crap), there is some new thing on Pinterest that seems to only show you a page of a board unless you log in that isn’t there in my old no-longer-supported Safari, and frankly the way bookmarks work in Chrome sucks.  Looking back at Google forum posts it looks like people have been asking for multiple bookmark bar lines (like I had and loved in Camino, till THAT stopped being updated and supported, and like I added to Safari with ButtonBar+) since 2007 but still nothing.   There were a few extensions that looked like they might work, but no.  On the flip side, WordPress post editing is better in tiny but significant ways, and I can now see the modern Google image display.  I am hoping that commenting on blogs will go back to at least the state it was a few weeks back when last I did WOYWW, cause frankly I tend to do longer comments and typing tap tap tap out on the iPad is painful after a while.

On the cleaning front, just the fridge and freezer to wipe out and one cupboard under the sink in the bathroom that really needs attention.  Phew!  Only problem is I have unearthed SO MANY UFOs – be that paper art/scrappy stuff, quilting, crochet, etc etc – that I really need to tackle them one at a time.  I actually enjoyed the break from daily blogging and got an astonishing amount of stuff that actually matters to MY life accomplished.  I will be musing on THAT quite a bit I’m sure…

5 thoughts on “Finally, something new!

  1. Thank you for the link!! As always I LOVE your printables and like to print them out and add them to my collection for when I have the “right” page to use them on! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for these and all the other printables!
    They are highly appreciated.
    Greetings from Germany!

  3. I can’t find a link to download/print these printables… am I just missing it?

    • Well Jeez Louise! I have NO IDEA why that link didn’t add. I changed my browser and WordPress has changed the New Post editor to one I don’t like AT ALL. After this post I did find something that told me how to get to the old editor, which is now a bookmark and I use THAT to do new posts instead. I know it works cause the dingbat printables seem to be just fine and the link is there. But I never realized THIS one had problems. I’ve now added the link at the very top (where it should have been!) so you can grab it.

      really sorry about that 😦


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