WOYWW 277 – not much…

{sigh} I really didn’t want to let another WOYWW pass me by, but to be fair the desk isn’t massively interesting this week.


I just opened a package from Amazon, a set of 11 Tunisian crochet hooks.  Annoyingly one of them is missing the cap.



I have completed sorting in my office, very happy about that, happy with the arrangement (which really isn’t any different to how it was, just tidier and thinned out a bit)  and very pleased to finally have all my cardmaking stuff, including all the cards I;ve made to have on hand, all in one place and organized by event (ie Birthday, Get well, Sympathy, etc)


It all fits on a small bookshelf behind the door.

I also have, hanging about off my desk, a single square I made from two charm pack squares, in the Fusion Crochet style.  I’m torn.  While I think it is cute, I’m just not feeling the love for it.  I did a different border, which I like fine, but it’s just not cuddly enough. The fabric is too thin and with no batting between it seems like a waste of time in a cold climate.


Plus I really hate doing blanket stitch.  I have experimented with at least 3 or 4 other methods that I thought might work to provide the place to attach the crochet but none of them are at all satisfactory.  I looked at getting a sharp crochet hook but t be honest I can get a standard steel hook thru two thicknesses of fabric so I don’t see the point.

Still two more areas that need attention then the hose is DONE. Most of the clutter removed, old clothes and toys and housewares sent off to the charity shop. lots of old scrapbooking papers sent off to the arts dept of DDs college, piles of old paperwork burned, and the yard mowed and tidied. Now I just need to sort out my computer – I am on such an old version of the OS the version of Safari that matches it is no longer supported and I am having increasingly more trouble with everything from blog commenting to watching Craftsy classes to reading my PMs on UKS.  I may just have to bite the bullet, sacrifice my old programs that I love and move on up to the current OS on a new Mac. DH is convinced that a Mac mini will do all I need and replace my massive (and loud) tower but still I hesitate.  Might tough it out till the in-laws leave but after that decisions must be made.