Crochet circles – little bits of time


My window of opportunity to get every nook and cranny of the stuffed-to-the-gills house sorted and de-cluttered is closing.  But even so I feel I need to make a little time every day to do SOMETHING crafty.  It might not be much but it has to be SOMETHING.  The key is it has to be easily contained (cause the last thing I want to do is create MORE mess so soon) and something that can be done in small 10-20 minute blocks of time.  Making the smaller granny squares seems perfect.  I changed my mind, opting to design my own pattern for the two sizes of blocks, rather than simply copy the original.  You can see my design there to the right


The larger squares aren’t going to be just the two colours, and the smaller ones not all the same, obviously, but the basic design  is there.  And as I am using a mix of larger skeins (but only a few bought specifically for the project) and small balls of leftover yarn from in some cases quite ancient projects, I got a bit fed up with those small balls rolling al over the place.  I recalled seeing old 2-litre plastic drink bottles used to corral rolling balls of yarn but we just don’t drink those sorts of things.  I remembered reading about yarn bowls so had a look.  Didn’t take much to see an image that had all the info I needed – having sorted thru the occasionally used ceramics cupboard, and retained just ONE teapot, there was my solution


The ball rolls around inside the teapot and the yarn comes out the spout tangle free.  Better for the outside rounds, cause hardly worth the effort when doing one round of 12 stitches, for example, but still….I have another idea I might try to set up with a couple of other things I found kicking around.  One thing about mindless cleaning, it does leave your mind free to roam….

6 thoughts on “Crochet circles – little bits of time

  1. Great solution for the rolling yarn balls.

  2. for multiple colors, you can use a box with holes punched in the side to fee the colors through. I found out a long time ago that I was better off doing blocks. I get bored to death trying to do a one piece afghan. I also used to crochet the granny square to each other as I went with a method i think I invented, put probably someone else does it as well. When you do the regular granny squares with the holes around the edge, as you finish one “hole, you reach over and hook it to the hole in a second piece. Hope that made sense.

  3. Love the teapot ideal. Just need 20 of them to sort colors to have ready.LOL.
    I have been working on these circles since u 1st showed them. Some day will be complete .

  4. Love how the squares are turning out . Makes me want to get out my yarn and hooks again. And using the teapot to corral the yarn balls is fun besides clever.

  5. Genius idea! I’ve been using a slide zip top bag to corral my wily ball of yarn while crocheting…just isn’t doing the job and it sure isn’t fashionable! But I do have a teapot that will work perfectly!

  6. Anything with plastic lid,just cut little hole in top and put back on.

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