Forgotten papers – still love them


Will it ever end?  At this point I am fearing it won’t.  Everywhere I turn there is another pile or box to be dealt with.  The down side is that I am shocked by some of what I find – did I ever really think these papers were a good idea?


But the up side is that I found these (mostly) Wordsworth papers and I love them as much now as when I bought them.


I have a pile of fibres on my desk that I aim to sort thru today


and a bin that I used to collect up stuff  like buttons and eyelets and brads and charms, etc that will get dumped out on the desk as soon as the fibres get sorted.  I am trying to avoid the bomb-site method from last week, where EVERYTHING comes out and gets dumped in a heap, going for a more controlled chaos at this stage. Oh I am so looking forward to doing some ACTUAL crafting soon…


2 thoughts on “Forgotten papers – still love them

  1. Hehehe I am really enjoying following your progress, and I can relate to the papers thing. Some I bought years ago got buried but I still love and some are too awful to even give away, I will have to make beads with them or something! Keep going, looking forward to the finished result :o)

  2. but wait! they are magical, and change when they are cut with punches, dies, etc. lol. And it’s always good to have some paper for experimenting : D.

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